What Do You Miss About My Dad?

Whew. This week has been a roller-coaster. High highs, low lows and a moment where I decided my sophomore album will be entitled “Let’s Go Be Grown-Ups”. Blech. (In case you were wondering, my first album will be self-titled, “82 and Sunny”.)

One of the week’s fun activities (no, seriously!) was an interview I did Monday night for the Horizon Home Care’s Life Lights event. The planning group thought it would be interesting to add stories to the showcase slideshow of lost loved ones. You know me; I come from a long line of talkers, so I offered myself up. Another woman was talking about her mom, so I focused on dad.

Cowboy MarkWe met at Kops Park, the tiny little park that was just a block away from our 89th St house, and found a spot on bleachers at their baseball diamond. Then everything went to hell.

Poor Katy had three, count ‘em, three recording devices, but we couldn’t get them all to work through to the end. Then a dad and his three kids showed up to do batting practice and an ice cream truck playing “Pop Goes the Weasel” circled the area. Long story short (to use a Padre term) – there were not as many tears as I expected. At least on my end. Poor Katy was so embarrassed. In the end we had to use my phone to record the last question – “What do you miss most about your dad?”

Here was my answer. (P.S. The Max Headroom edits are for extra flair. WTH, Maggie… I told you technology wasn’t our friend that day!)

Yep. He (and mom) has given me enough life lessons and great memories that what I miss the most is not a thing from the past, but the sharing of my wonderful life now.

Cowboy Mark's granddaughter

Eggroll loves her grandpa boots!

There are a million other things I miss. Like his whistle. And the fact his car always smelled like ketchup. And his cheek-puff laugh. And his hugs. His short pants. His pockets. His random-ass thoughts that would turn into a 20 minute diatribe (because no one else I know does that… ;P ) His dislike of the word “random”.

And so I ask you, friends and family that knew him, what do you miss about Cowboy Mark?

Given the man he was, I don’t expect this to be a tearful exercise. I suspect we’re all going to laugh when we read in the comments what meant the most to others.

In the meantime, I’m still figuring out how I will explain to Eggroll who/what/where my parents are, but I know they are watching her. And me. It was tough work for dad to get all those distractions going Monday night, but you know he’s always been one to move heaven and earth for me. He’s not stopping yet.

My Little Devil Child

Each day brings us some new thing Eggroll is doing, saying, or getting into. She’s growing so fast I’ve already forgotten that she hasn’t been sitting up or making eye contact with me whenever I come into a room from day one. I’m afraid we are only a couple weeks away from crawling as she has started a hand and knee back and forth. Once she figures out how to move left, right, left we are in trouble!

But last week’s development was a weird one. In yoga, its called ujjayi breath. In animals, it would be considered a dragon noise. In movies, the power of Christ is compelling her to bounce around in her jump-up.

She’s already moved on to a higher register with less breath when she speaks, making me wonder what the heck was that?! Was it a function of the cold she had? Trying to contain the drool while speaking? Did a fire-breathing lizard take over her body for the week? Anyone else have this happen with their babies?!

When Should We Have A Yoga and Beer Party??

I’m not sure summer ever officially hit Wisconsin, but the schedule (if by “schedule” you mean, how in the world is it State Fair time already?!?!?) says its starting to wind down into fall. Wah wah.

In an effort to eek out all the fun we can, I’m going to host a yoga and beer party over in Estabrook Park here in Shorewood. We’ll do yoga for an hour by the Kilborntown House and then head over to the beer garden for some of Munich Hofbräuhaus’ finest (and/or a yummy pretzel.)

There will be a small fee, I’m thinking like $10. This will get you a fun yoga practice with me and some snacks afterwards. Bring a yoga mat and extra money for the beer.

But before we get to all that, I need to know…

When can you make it?!? Survey for Yoga and Beer Party   [Read more...]