Happy Thanksgiving!

This is going up at 4pm my time, which is just about the time things will be getting hot and heavy in my kitchen.

I will be changing this…
Thanksgiving Ingredients

into this…


So let’s just leave it at this…Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, I am grateful for a kitchen full of yummy food, a table full of family and an internet full of friends. Hugs!

How Courage and Clean Eating Found Me A Job

On this day in 2011, I had my last day of work at my corporate job. I left after six short months because I had big dreams on being an entrepreneur (and I was so, so, so bored since they never gave me any work to do.) That evening Randy and I went out to celebrate with friends. We had a few cocktails and flailed about to the Love Monkeys. It was a good night and marked the start of a very interesting three years.

A lot has changed in those three years. 95% of the changes came from personal matters, including, but not limited to the fact that I can’t find a babysitter to let me go flail to the Love Monkeys tonight. Unfortunately, Mark the Occasion Designs never became the multi-million (or even multiple thousand) dollar company I had hoped for. Instead, I realized I like creating the ideas and marketing them. Implementing the actual work of the flowers was not my strong suit. And really, my passion is food, not art.

Which brings us to this summer, when I was putting a lot more attention here on the blog and trying to eat clean to lose the last of the baby weight. At this point, the heavens parted and I found Angelic Bakehouse. I stumbled into their bread at my local grocery store and nearly cleared out their display when I saw it was all clean. No GMOs, chemicals, sugars (beyond locally-sourced honey), or other bad stuff. They use sprouted grain instead of wheat flour, so its even easier on the belly than the other healthy bread. Bonus – it really tastes good!!First Day of Work French Toast [Read more…]

And Then I Spent An Hour Googling “Dog Brain Tumors”

Folks, I have gone from 0 to 60 in a matter of a few sleeps. Or rather, 25 to 60 since I wasn’t totally coasting before. (Fact: I was pretty much coasting before.) Somehow I’ve gone from one super part-time job and a for-fun blog to three jobs and a blog I’m hoping brings in a little bank. Add that to hosting Thanksgiving, 14 house projects I can’t seem to make time for, and the god-bless-it family yearbooks from years two and three that continue to weigh over me.

Corgi and Baby

Oh, and there’s the baby who is officially at “Shelf Level Two Destruction” status and a husband who’s just too nice. [Read more…]