Real Life – Everybody’s Got One

Monday, man. Monday was a rough one. I’m not allowed to panic (anymore) yet until we take a blood test and get results, but all signs are pointing to bad news for Noah. Only I could turn an innocuous voicemail from the vet about reasons he doesn’t walk straight into a full-fledged, laying on the floor in tears, come-apart, and I… well, I did with with a flourish.

In short, Noah might have a fatal disease in which his a$$-end is going to quit working. Sure, the important things like elimination systems would fail sooner or later, but first, literally his butt muscles would atrophy. It’s genetic in Corgis. I think it’s because they are a rudderless vessel their whole lives since they barely have a tail. The hip muscles have had to work too hard to keep the ship on a straight path, so of course they are going to go out first. [Read more…]

Holiday Cocktail Recipe – Moscow Turkey

As we have already agreed, 2014 was the year of the Moscow Mule. This ginger and vodka drink was everywhere! So let me be the first to suggest a version perfect for your Christmas, New Years, or “it’s snowing and I don’t have to go to work” festivities.

I call this one a Moscow Turkey because it goes great alongside the typical holiday meal of turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. And because it tastes like Christmas in a glass with the cranberry and vanilla flavors!

Christmas Cocktail Moscow Mule [Read more…]

Easy DIY Toy for Six- to Ten-Month Old Baby

This is my first Christmas with Malorie, but if past events with other kiddos are any indication, I know that her favorite gift is not going to be the clothes, the stack of books, or the rocking horse. Nope, it’s probably going to be the box something came in.

In that spirit, I have a DIY toy project for you to do. Perhaps it’s an actual Christmas present or maybe it’s just something to tide the little one over until Santa visits in a couple weeks.

All you need for this project is trash.

Yep, trash.

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