Five Reasons You Should Join Me For Barre Burner Class

Barre Burner at downtown WACI’m back! Seriously, I am ALL back. Somehow I’ve lost a lot of the weight around my belly, but my hips and bum still think they are supporting a pregnant waistline. That’s the only explanation for all the leftover weight hanging out there. My chocolate intake and never-ending supply of protein bars couldn’t possibly be the reason, right??

I’m going to put that back to work as I jump back into teaching at the Wisconsin Athletic Club. Starting Tuesday, April 29th, I will be leading a 55-minute Barre Burner class at the downtown club from 6:45 – 7:40 pm. It is a premium class, open to nonmembers, too.

“What is barre,” you ask. Barre Burner is a total body workout that incorporates different techniques utilizing the ballet barre, free weights, and mat work. This workout will lengthen, stretch, tone, and sculpt to give you that long and lean dancer body that you have always wanted without feeling like you have two left feet!

Sounds like fun, right?! In case I haven’t won you over yet, here are five good reasons you should join me:

1. You miss your weekly dance lessons from when you were a kid.

If I were having it my way, we’d have this class on Thursdays since that was always my dance night. I did tap, ballet and jazz lessons from 3-years-old to 16-years-old. As a matter of fact, this was even the first place I was a teacher. I  taught ballet to little preschoolers when I was in high school. (Side note: those girls would be reaching legal drinking age this year. Meanwhile, I need to find some kids to yell at for being on my lawn.)

2. You are strong, but not flexible or flexible, but not strong.

Rarely do we spend the appropriate amount of time on both strength training and stretching in a workout. Either we spend too much time lifting weights, leaving us with just a few minutes to do a couple shoulder rolls and quad stretches or we enjoy our run (spin, swim, elliptical, step class, etc.) and jump right to the stretches, skipping any strength work entirely.

Barre Burner will be a great combination of both strength and stretching (with a bit of cardio thrown in for good measure). Over the seven week session we will have some weeks that are more strength-, flexibility-, or cardio-based, but I would let you know in advance so you can plan your other workouts accordingly. Also, I plan on tailoring the class to the peeps that join me in week one.

3. Fashion magazines tell you you’re fruit-shaped, so you might as well focus on your core.

This pregnancy took me from being considered an apple to a pear. I don’t know how I feel about being compared to fruit (tell that to Eggroll since all the pregnancy web sites compare your fetus to produce all through pregnancy…), but I do know there is a strong center in this piece of fruit! I’ve just got to find it using some butt-kicking (literally) moves that use body weight and the fun gym toys like SPRE balls, dumbbells, straps, and tennis balls. Yep, tennis balls – my new favorite gym toy!  All of these props will help us get to those deep down muscles around the waist, hips, and thighs that you may not touch otherwise. Trust me when I say your abs are either going to hurt or really hurt the day after class! There is no other option!

4. The only thing missing from your Zumba class is strength work.

It is a documented fact that I love me some Zumba. There is no better way to shed calories than flailing about like an idiot like this class allows, neh, requires! By the time class is over, it’s guaranteed I’m a big, sweaty mess who feels like she got a good cardio workout, but the one minute song where we focus on squats just isn’t going to cut it.

When doing my own workout I prefer cardio to strength. How about you? Unfortunately, I have bad news if you think like I do. Strength training is more beneficial than cardio if you are only picking one or the other. Muscles burn more calories than fat, so…

Moral of the story – still go to Zumba (and invite me to join you!), but take this Barre Burner class as well to still have the dance environment, but hit those areas your other workouts are missing.

5. You tried Pilates or yoga, but the lack of sweat makes you think you weren’t getting a good workout.

Don’t get me wrong-my heart belongs to yoga, but I appreciate it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. The same goes for Pilates, probably more so.

Randy doesn’t believe that a workout can take place if you don’t sweat. I’ve challenged him to a Warrior III dual, but I see his point. To quote a wise chef from the southern states, Barre Burner class will “take it up a notch.” The quicker pace and additional repetitions will leave your muscles all fired up and screaming for a break. (Which they will get, too. I can’t stray too far from my yoga roots. We’ll use some quick-moving or longer holds of yoga poses to get the length you see in ballerinas’ legs.)

Have I sold you now?! I sure hope so. There is only space for 10 people in this class, so do contact the Wisconsin Athletic Club ASAP to reserve your spot. If you can’t commit to the full seven week session, the downtown club is now offering drop-in passes for members.

See you there, ladies and gents!

Did You Win The Target Contest??

Thank you to all that entered my 300th blog post contest for the Target gift card. Sounds like everyone has great ways to spend it. Who knew your comments would be a learning exercise; my shopping list is much longer for next time thanks to you. I’m definitely going in for the Cherokee girls’ camis (on sale now, Michelle!) and Monster trail mix. Thanks for all the suggestions ladies!

But without further ado, I’d like to announce the winner of the contest…

Target Gift Card

YAH! As a consolation prize for those of you that didn’t win, let me tell you a story about Andria. When we were in middle school, Andria slept over at my house one weekend. We pretty much did nothing that whole time but continuously call into Hot 102 (remember that station with Frosty and JoJo??) in an effort to win Paula Abdul tickets. Alas, we never did win. I think we were called #9 once, but never the elusive #10.


HOT 102 still exists in internet form! This is fantastic. Andria, let’s get together sometime soon. They’ve got to have tickets we can win.

But if not dear Andria, hopefully this gift card makes up for what we couldn’t do back then. :) Please send me your address via the Contact Me page and I’ll get this out to you ASAP.

P.S. As I mentioned last week, I will have a gift for ALL subscribers coming out soon. Don’t miss out, just submit your email to receive the posts straight to your inbox.

Thoughts From A Living Room Couch

I have been watching a lot of TV as of late. When Randy isn’t around, its West Wing all the way, but every now and then something else sneaks into the mix. Here are some thoughts from my last week’s viewing.

1. Watched a Property Brothers this weekend where two (less robotically handsome than the hosts) brothers went in together on a $545,000 house to have the “perfect bachelor party house” complete with keg-orator. No matter how you slice it, I picture some tense holiday dinners in their future. It simply can’t work.

This home was a foreclosure property in a neighborhood where houses normally sold for over $1 million. Yep, the neighbors are going to LOVE them.

2. Also seen on this wild and crazy Saturday night – women’s college bowling. This is a thing?! A thing that gets TV time?! And they say cheerleading isn’t a sport.

Neil_Degrasse_Tyson3. I have learned more science from four episodes of the Cosmos series than my entire elementary career. I know Mrs. Ushi, my seventh grade science teacher who I swear couldn’t read, sucked nuts, but no one compares to Neil deGrassi Tyson. This show blows my mind every. single. time.

4. While I like the storyline of Downton Abbey better, the wardrobe of Mr. Selfridge is drool-worthy. So much better for those of us with hips and a love of hats. P.S. Not since Chandler Bing have I had a crush on a character like I do on Agnes Towler. She’s so pretty!

5. I may be watching too much television these days, but it’s hard to do too much when you’ve got this one your arm…

Why I Watch TV

Rats… I thought I was going to get through one post without mentioning Miss Eggroll. Ah well, she is the reason I’m stuck on the couch after all. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

What shows are you watching that I need to add to my repertoire?