Train Thoughts – A New Series

Let’s start a new series, shall we? I’ll call it “Train Thoughts”, seeing as that’s how seemingly random and crazy ideas travel through my brain. They say men only think about one thing all day. So do I. That thing is chocolate, right? Let’s see how far I can get before I come back to my favorite topic.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I didn’t really stick with my October menu I had planned out, but I did do a good job collecting recipes for November on a Pinterest board. I’m particularly looking forward to this spinach and artichoke quinoa casserole, these sweet potato skins, and this recipe for copycat Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets, seeing as I can’t get in to the new store here in town. You southerners would appreciate this – the line is always 20 cars deep, even at like 3 in the afternoon.

If you are within the first two or three circles of Maggie Friends, then I probably talked your ear off about this new job that I proposed to a company where they seemed excited and ready to hire me. I started investing some energy into potential projects for them and… Two weeks later, they won’t return my communications. Hmpf. This just goes to show you you should never broadcast new jobs, you’re pregnant, and/or you’re seeing a great new dude until you have written confirmation. (Written confirmation for the new dude is the text from your friend post-first meet-up, approving of said gentleman.) [Read more...]

Eggroll Has Something To Say

You hear from me everyday, so I thought a guest speaker might be interesting. Here, Miss Eggroll shares her thoughts on the ebola epidemic, Cheerios, the upcoming elections, and Memaw.

As of last Friday, girlfriend figured out consonants and how to move her jaw to make new sounds. Now we just need to get her to realize what “indoor voice” means.

Week 7 – All About Bread and A Butter Recipe

Yoozer. I don’t know where to begin following last week’s Bread 101 class at Braise. We learned so much, then we made so much. I went home and ate so much and now, poof! It’s all gone.

Chef Dave at Braise Cooking School [Read more...]