Three Workouts For When You Are Stuck Inside

Ok, I get it. Unless I was writing this from Buffalo, NY, I really shouldn’t be allowed to complain about the weather, but I’ve never let rules stop me before. It’s officially cold and snowy here in Milwaukee, leaving me feeling like a hermit again. Add to my normal dislike of cold weather, the fact that Eggroll REALLY doesn’t like getting bundled up, nor put in her carseat, so it takes a feat of mental and physical strength just to get out the door.

Moral of the story – we are getting to the time of year when it’s really easy for me to skip the gym. Heck, yesterday morning we had no more than a dusting and I almost talked myself out of it. (On the other hand – free babysitting while I shower. That’s gonna win out every now and then!)

Last night I pinned a bunch of workouts that I can do here at home with minimal equipment. These could also be great ways to sneak in a quick workout while you travel next week or during the Christmas break.

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Braise Culinary School Graduation Dinner

What an experience.

Pastry Chefs in the Making

That sums up all I have to say about this past Sunday when we, Braise Culinary School students, took over the restaurant’s kitchen and cooked for our friends and family. We had our hands in everything from the piles and piles of perfectly batonette root vegetables to the melted chocolate that coated the hazelnut and cranberry biscotti. [Read more...]

Photos of Nine Month Old Eggroll

You guys, today was a big day for both of us. Miss Eggroll had her first day of school today. I’m afraid that just like I made Noah scared of the vet, my anxiety was transferred to Malorie. She normally loves all people, but when I put her down this morning at daycare girlfriend came apart. I was in the lobby for about 20 minutes doing paperwork and she was still crying when I left.

Corgi and Baby

I called around 11 and they said she was doing great by then. I’m sure once she met her new buddies and got the lay of the land she was fine. I’ll let you know more later in the week, but for now… whew. [Read more...]