Living It Your Way

I was all set to take another pass at last week’s post’s topic, hopefully a little more eloquently and with a clearer point, but I just got a little sidetracked (again).

There are two women in my circles, albeit the far-off, mostly just on Facebook circles, who are facing cancer. One is my age with a little girl. The other is a bit older, with a successful small business and a teenage son that needs extra attention. One’s outlook is positive. The other, not so much.

Unfortunately, this is not breaking news. Your feed probably holds the same news from similar outlying friends. What does surprise me is how funny and dare I say it, happy??, these women are choosing to be even when faced with some serious, serious crap. Granted, these are just status updates and not the thoughts that are keeping them up in the middle of the night, but I have laughed out loud more often than I’ve found tears in my eyes when I check in on them.

Why am I bringing this up now, in association with how I want to parent Eggroll? Because they are doing it there way. I am doing this my way. You should do it your way. [Read more...]

Photos of Eggroll – Month Eight

My dad would often tell me that he liked me even more “at this age”. The older I got, the more we could talk about and the more experiences we could share. In the midst of it, I took some offense to this statement. What was wrong with me at 3, 12, 24?? But now I get it. Even just eight months in, I am enjoying Miss Eggroll more and more with each passing day.

Eight-Month Old Baby and Mama [Read more...]

Week 6 – Veggies and Grains as Farro The Eye Can See

(First off – sorry for the bad pun, but I feel like I had to do something with that word! Ahem… )

Week 6 at Braise was all about veggies and grains which are, in my opinion, the unsung heroes of the dinner table. If I cook five nights out of the week, I probably only make one or two meat dishes. This means my menus can get a little stale from doing the same thing over and over. And even with all that vegetable cooking, I still find myself with a half a bin of unused produce right before it’s time to go to the CSA for more.

Ingredients for Farro Salad

Enter this great session where I learned the basics of cooking methods I thought I knew and those that were brand new to me. We learned how to blanch, which is good for green and/or tender veggies. Of course there is the standard roasting (great for the root veggies out now!) and sautéing (green beans, asparagus and corn are good here) and how to create a quick pickle. [Read more...]