The Tale of “That Day” As Told By Two Mamas

I should have known better than to think I would get passed February 16th without needing to put my thoughts into words. Picture posts coming later this week, but first ALL OF THE FEELINGS…

Every year my mom would bore me with the story of how she went to vote for Mayor Maier the morning of April 2, 1980 and later on that day I appeared on the scene. I never understood the importance of that detail.

Now here I am reliving my own That Day. Thinking about the fear, the hunger, and the fact that we watched the same four hours of Olympic coverage twice. Watching that half-pipe competition twice is forever burned into my skull.

And now I’m the mom of a one year old. (Well, will be as of 5:15 tomorrow morning.) God damn, that thought is amazing. How has it only been a year? On one hand, it feels like 15 years. On the other, two days. This little human is here because of me (OK, and Randy…) and she is fantastic.

Mommy and Me Day 1

I have been crying at weird times all weekend. I can’t figure out why. I couldn’t join in the Happy Birthday song last night. I couldn’t read the message in a card aloud today. My voice keeps catching and I’m stuck. My Malorie is growing up.

I am so proud of her. So in awe of her. She is beautiful. Headstrong. Happy. Loving. My little Eggroll lights up a room just like her grandpa Mark did. She can control a group just like her Grandma Nancy. I haven’t missed my parents this much since this day last year. Man, they would LOVE being grandparents.

So anyway, tonight I will convince Randy we should get Chinese food for dinner so I can once again proclaim “I’m having an eggroll” on the evening of February 15. And I shall spend this day and every day going forward in awe of this little person. I shall bore her with stories. I shall be her mama.

You are my cashew chicken.
You are my egg foo young.
You are my eggroll.
You’re all I make.

Happy birthday Miss Malorie!!! Thank you for making me a mama. You are THE BEST. I love you.

A Polite Baby With Cake

A $30 Bowl of Soup

A Parking Ticket and Soup For Lunch

February Challenge – Pure Barre and #NaNoWriMo

Hi guys! I’ve given myself a different physical challenge and blog-related challenge per month for 2015. For January, I spent 910 minutes exercising (goal was 900) and I, well, I failed my blog goal which was to do all sorts of boring background stuff like moving hosts and closing down MTOD for good, but I have an appointment scheduled for next Sunday to do just that, so all is not lost.

My February challenges are to visit the new Pure Barre location at least 10 times and to try a new way of blogging. I’m taking a break from writing to enjoy my very own #NaNoWriMo where I’ll let the photos do the talking for me.

For the rest of the month I am only going to give you pictures. I don’t think it will necessarily be a one-a-day kind of deal, but I want to capture all the fun, thrilling, mundane and real life things that happen, just like what I normally write about.

Here are my first three shots using an app called Tadaa. This app is amazaballs. Makes my pictures look better than what I can do with Photoshop, but then again that might just be because they are doing the work for me.

While Mommy Showers

Daddy's Little Helpers help hang shelves

Maggie, do something with this... Doing!

This may turn into more posts or, more probably, will mean I just do a once a week post with the pictures. My apologies in advance of your Tuesday and Thursday nights just don’t feel the same without a rambling note from me.

I’d love your feedback in the comments about this way of blogging. As I work on my photography skills and play with editing apps, I’m taking more pictures, but perhaps 1,000 words from me is more valuable?? Maybe I’m going to need to write to clear my head?! This is going to be an interesting challenge for all of us!

P.S. My other challenge, the trips to Pure Barre?! I’ve only gone once so far but already I feel like a ballerina. That is if ballerinas feel like their sore hamstrings are going to fall right off their bones. So difficult! So what I need!!