It’s Like The Opposite of Going Out With A Bang

So we had discussed calling this week’s episode (You know I live in a sitcom, right? How else can you explain all these weird plot twists and the great soundtrack?) “Fireworks”, but I think I’d go back to Editing and rename it “Sparklers”. Let me explain…

You know how you get all excited when its sparkler time? It only happens once a year. Sure, you can light up a sparkler whenever you want (assuming there are no cops watching), but it is only the Fourth of July weekend when it really fits, so the buildup is extreme. You anticipate lighting it and when you do…Boom boom pow, you’ve got a big flash of light. You’re holding fire right there in your hand! Even better, you can run around the yard and dance with it. Spell your name and be stupid. It fades out a little bit, but shake it a new way and you get a few more seconds of fun. And then poof…its dead. Time for a new one!

So my weekend was a sparkler. I was SO excited for Thursday Night Fun Night with B. She had some people she wanted to meet up with at Summerfest. Her friends are always fun and the spirit in downtown was high that night. Started the night with the first draft of many, my SF favorite-fried eggplant, and a free M&M ice cream treat. Really, does life get any better than this?

Heck yes it does! At this point we stumbled into some of B’s friends who are always a ton of fun and bonus, included a cute guy I met last year. So we’re chatting away and then, the new love of my life came trotting by!!! And cute guy took me over to talk to him!! I don’t think I embarrassed myself too much (hard to do when you don’t actually say anything…), but I was totally star struck the rest of the night. Seriously…who puts a local anchor man on her top 5 list? THIS GIRL!

So, getting back to cute guy…B and I ended up hanging out with that group the rest of the night, including a visit to Flannery’s and a Purple Pony. I became socially awkward when all 400 people in the group (ok, maybe like 3) turned us into a combination of 5th grade and the scene in Grease when Danny and Sandy meet after the bonfire. I.E. Everybody kept asking “do you think he’s cute, cuz he thinks you are” and then watching with Go Go Gadget eyes and ears whenever I could untie the tongue long enough to actually spit out a sentence. Moral of the story-trying to get two really shy people to talk to each other, especially while being watched is kinda hard to do. BUT-the background music was awesome, the drinks were tasty and the invite to go out on a boat for wakeboarding the next day was forthcoming. Sweet.

I woke up the next morning and took Noah for a walk and everyone was so dang happy! The mailman gave Noah a cookie. An old guy who looked like Morgan Freeman who was cutting his grass stopped the lawnmower and gave us a “good morning Miss, that’s a fine looking dog you got there,” complete with a tip of a nonexistent hat. A cute kid on a bike stopped to pet Noah and a group of people who were packing up for a camping trip stopped us for a little bit of conversation. Seriously, were we in an Old Time Lemonade commercial?

In the afternoon, B and I joined her friends out on a boat where the game of cat and mouse (or toocan and squirrel as the case may be) continued. It was a great afternoon out in the water watching these guys do amazing tricks on the wakeboard (and proved that cute guy is even more impressive than originally thought, wow). But I was getting equal pressure to talk to cute guy and pee in the lake if I really had to go. Needless to say, it was pretty impossible to do either when being watched. B and I both had places to be, so we left ‘em with a promise that we’d catch up when we were all down at Summerfest that night.

I met C downtown and started the night at a bbq, where I was introduced to hamburger perfection (cream cheese on your burger…seriously, try it out…yum!). C and I then went to the SF grounds where we ended up hanging out with a couple of acquaintances that turned into friends, listened to Train, and took pictures of all the people who must live under rocks the rest of the year. Never heard from the herd. Boo. A perfectly good night, but nowhere close to Thursday.

So yesterday morning, after a few hours on the couch and a couple gallons of water, I finally made it down to a new friend’s house for a little hanging out time where I tried out Horny Goat beer (yum!) and Noah made friends with two pugs and two dachshunds. It’s not often he gets to be the big man on campus! Then it was time for the annual St. Francis vs. Cudahy Dueling Fireworks challenge. Great show (Cudahy won by a landslide). Freezing cold down by the lake, but a pleasant evening.

I’ve got one day left on this long weekend. A couple options for things to do, but I really should focus some attention on the lawn, car, and laundry. Fizzle…fizzle…fizzle…

Guess it means it’s time to start lighting up the next sparkler! On deck this week, dinner at one of my favs, another Brewers game, Bastille Days, and (hopefully) Fish Fry and a Flick. Ah…I love Milwaukee summers.

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