Finding Confidence to Dye Your Hair Pink

Last summer when I was considering making Mark the Occasion Designs my full-time gig, I told people that I’d dye my hair pink once I did have any stodgy corporate dress code to follow.

Fast forward to seven months later and I finally got the courage to do it! Actually, I’m not sure if “got the courage” is the right phrase. “Tested out with lipstick in the hair”, “badgered friends, husband and hair-stylist on the¬†feasibility” and “almost backed out” might be more appropriate statements. Really, I ran out of excuses.

Defy Tradition!My hair was REALLY pink when it was first done. Honestly, I didn’t like it. And I panicked. I washed it a bunch of times in the first few days and it finally got to a color I was comfortable with. I was then proud of myself for doing something so crazy. Folks told me they liked it, but I really haven’t gotten that many second glances. This Saturday (one week in), I went to a farmers market in one of Milwaukee’s most conservative neighborhoods where I ran into two women with purple hair and another with pink. So much for being wild and crazy!

Why do I bring this up here? Well, I’m due for a reminder to you that your wedding or event is YOUR big day and you should do what you want as long as it is in your budget (and is legal, I suppose…). You may fret that somebody won’t like it or it’s not what is expected, but chances are people will welcome the change or even more possible – they won’t even notice!

So if you want to replace the cake with an ice cream sundae bar or wear a blue wedding gown – go for it!!

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