Six DIY Pumpkin Projects For Your Fall Party

We are getting pretty close to Halloween! I have a feeling parties are starting this weekend, so here’s my favorite DIY pumpkin projects to get you ready. Ah, I love a theme party!

1. Pumpkin Spread

Pumpkin Spread DecorationThis might be a misnomer. You can pick your favorite spreads, no matter what the flavor, but display them as a pumpkin. Finally – something to do with the tough broccoli stem!!

2. Glitter Pumpkins

Glitter Pumpkins from Martha StewartIf your party is for the pre-tween set, then these pumpkins may be your perfect decorations! That said, I’m 32 and still a sucker for anything sparkly.

3. The Decoupaged Pumpkin

Decoupaged PumpkinNo worries if the gourd your kid brought home isn’t the best of the bunch. Use newspaper, scrapbook paper or maybe even old wallpaper to decoupage it to perfection.

4. Cooler Pumpkin

Pumpkin CoolerIf you’ve got a big guy, consider using it as an ice chest for your party tablescape. (See also: a vessel for pumpkin soup!)

5. The Address Sign

Decorated Pumpkin As Address SignNothing is worse than going to a new friend’s house in the dark and circling in, trying to figure out which house is theirs. So paint a large pumpkin (or a few!) with your house numbers and shine a light on them to save your friends the trouble.

6. Traditional Carved Pumpkin

Carved PumpkinI’m all for trying new things, but nothing says Halloween better than a messy night on the kitchen floor cleaning out pumpkin guts and carving faces in the sides. You can go silly or scary, simple or detailed, faces or initials. The choice is yours! (Photo credit:



What’s your favorite way to use pumpkins in your fall party decorations?

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