The Sandlot – Then and Now

The Sandlot was a coming of age movie for many little guys of the 90s and … me. The quote from my Heroes & Legends page (and senior quote and probably what will be put on my tombstone several hundred years from now) comes from this movie. It was philosophically great.

And it was chock full of cute pre-teen boys.

Looks like those pre-teens grew up quite nicely. It is not the least bit surprising that Benny Rodriguez would be a (actor?) firefighter*. Or that Tommy Timmons grew up to be a little bit country.

(*Many thanks to Michelle for clarifying my initial error. I listed Benny as a cop. He really is a firefighter. I think we can all agree man-in-uniform of any time is not that surprising, nor anything but pretty.)

(Click on the picture to see more.)

Sandlot Actors Then and Now
Photo Credit to Slow

Gosh, I love the internet.


  1. Benny’s a firefighter, not a cop.

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