A Few Thoughts From Our Vacation

There will be much more to share once I go through the piles of pictures and notes from our trip, but in the meantime… a few things.

Gosh, I miss traveling. I miss airports and hotels and excuses to order an extra course in the name of “trying out the local fare”. I miss hiking because it’s the way to see the area, not because I need to exercise. I miss shopping and the little bottles of shampoo and taking 45 pictures of flowers in a market because it’s culture. I really must keep travel in my to-do list.

Pike Place Fish Market

If I lived in Seattle, I would have the most muscular butt and calves. And a much stronger lung capacity. And an appreciation for chowder.

Hiking in Alptental, Washington

Also, I wouldn’t be shocked by homeless people on every corner. I never got used to that. Or the drizzle.

Seattle drizzle

P.S. This picture was taken looking uphill. Gulp.

Only two more months before I can turn in my phone and take pictures there vs. having to borrow Randy’s all. the. time.

Teriyaki lunches would become my staple meal.

Inn at Northrup Station, Portland, OR

I would love to have a Jetsons’ color schemed room in the house. Since I can’t (my eyes!), this hotel was my favorite.

Portland may be my new favorite city. Go ahead and put a bird on me… I was in love with every ounce of its quirkiness. Roaming the halls of Powell’s bookstore with a bag of Voodoo Donuts in my hand may be what heaven is like.


But even with all of this love, I will never be able to explain what the heck we experienced at McMenamins Edgefield. I think it was a hippie commune. Or a yuppie artist community with a wine cellar. Or a bed and breakfast for old folks. Or a place for high school dudes wearing skirts and mohawks learn to farm. Or a place where non-beer drinking Randy ordered a milkshake with raspberry ale. In short, a bizzaro world where I would like to live.

Cuz the brownie was worth the trip…


Multnomah Falls Hiking the Switchbacks

My definition of “switchback” does not match that of the Oregon Department of Forestry.

I walked (hiked) more on this trip than any trip to Chicago or NYC. And it was uphill in every direction. Never down.

So what if I had donuts for like every breakfast…this was a totally healthy vacation!





The seagull from Venice followed us to Seaside, Oregon!


Seeing the house from Goonies (and the rocks from the last scene!) really made my day. It was weird seeing an Israeli flag on the house and a “Nobama” bumper sticker on the car in the driveway. I don’t think Mikey’s dad would concur, at least with the republican leanings. (Related – Astoria, OR may the cutest little town that I will never have a reason to see again. But you should check it out if you’re in the area…)


I may have overpacked. (Fact: I did overpack.) It’s hard not to when you get free checked bags. That said, all of the free snacks in all of the land cannot make up for an old man who would not stop talking on a four-hour flight. Note to self: do not travel on Saturday afternoons of Labor Day weekend on the cheap airlines. You are asking for it!

View from the Space Needle

When on day 8 of your trip to an area a big-a$$ mountain just appears in the distance, it never becomes a pretty part of the scene. It looms there like an alien ship from District 9. I kept waiting for it to A. explode or B. shoot down lasers on the city.


Starbucks smoothies from the first Starbucks taste the same as those provided by the 8,000,000 millionth Starbucks. But they do have much more interesting shops in the Seattle area.

Smoothie from the First Starbucks Store

Nine day trips are perfect if time and money allow. By the end of that time, you’re ready to come home and sleep in your own bed, filled with good memories and five pounds of gluttonous over-eating weight. Perfect.


  1. In Portland, if you get the chance, trying staying at the old McMenamins-Kennedy School. Close to the airport, and the most interesting place to stay that I’ve ever seen.

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