Important Homework Before Baby (Or Any Other BLC*)

*That’s “Big Life Change” for anyone not in the know…

As I’ve already mentioned here, I got great feedback to my earlier concerns about the unknown of becoming a mom. One that has particularly stuck out with me was a note from a girlfriend who said:

“Write down what is important to you now and what is important to you and Randy as a couple. What don’t you want to become or give up? Because when Eggroll makes her presence known you may end up forgetting these things (the nature of the beast, I guess). Don’t fall into that trap that so many out there have set for you…that you have to give up who you are to be the best mom for your child. Horse crap!!!! Look at our parents, for example. The kids were not the center of the universe for them!!! They had friends and lives that didn’t involve kids. Kids may have come up in conversations, but that’s about the extent.”

Preach on, sister.

Randy and I have really taken this to heart and have started our list. Of course, my list gets long, but I find it can all be summed up in “Maggie needs alone time every day.” This may mean that I’ll have to start getting up before the rooster crows or schedule gym time when kid care is available, but except for emergencies, I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to squeeze out at least 30 minutes everyday to exercise OR write OR take a long shower.┬áNow I just need to work on that “OR” vs. wanting it all.

F.Scott_Fitzgerald_quotePre-baby is a great time to work on this exercise, but I feel like anyone going through a life change (or just going through life) could really benefit from taking a few minutes to think about “what makes me, me?” Between work, kids, health, and friends, we often let ourselves get pulled in too many directions. If we’re not taking care of ourselves, we won’t be able to truly take care of those around us.

So go do your homework, good students. Share with the class if you like, but definitely physically write down or type up your answers and keep them in a place you’ll look at often.


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  1. Enjoy reading your posts Maggie & again congrats! I hope you can find a way to get a full hour everyday. (i’m like you & think I would need that.) Even if it means asking the neighbor or a sitter to come by for 1 hour & pay ’em for 2 =)’s possible.

    Also I thought of one other thing I plan to do that you guys might like – to have a notebook completely geared towards lessons and topics to talk to my kid about – by age…I figure it’s easier to start planning early & write it all down so that when we get there, I can pull out the handy book & not feel like I missed something that was important to touch on. (One page for mom, one page for dad per Age.)
    So like…when they’re 7 I’d try to talk about respecting elders & what respect is, at 9 I think I’d plan to have the birds & bees conversation, when they’re 15-16 I want to talk more about love & heartbreak. Etc =). Btw thanks for sharing what you’ve learned! I love that, passing on ideas!

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