Vanity Not So Fair – Dealing with Weight Gain While Pregnant

This is the third iteration of this post.

It all started when I tried on a new maternity dress and thought I looked smoking. So pretty, I decided to take a picture to document the occasion. I was going to finally attach to the “What I’m Wearing” Wednesday blog party that all the cool crafty bloggers follow. Look at me, being adorable AND technologically with it.

45 pictures later, this is the best I found.


Not bad, but I still felt like a moose.

(Funny side note – I asked Randy what kind of noise a moose makes, and he responded with “mmmmmmmoooooooooooose”. Maybe you had to be there…)

I came back to the computer and wrote a bunch of vitriol explaining how I don’t care if there is a baby in there, I feel like a big fat bum and nothing fits and I’ll never be attractive again.


I then got the brilliant idea to go through my closet to see how I could remodel my regular clothes to get me through the next five months. I was thinking different placements of belts on dresses, jaunty scarves and the bigger shirts over skinny jeans and leggings, and my sweater collection with well, everything would keep me from investing in maternity attire and get me through the holidays.

Um, yeh, no. My closet is 90% off-limits ’til I lose the baby + baby weight. Wah wah.

So here I am on the third version of this post. The hormones are still regulating me to a semi-positive state, so I can almost look at the situation objectively. I AM growing a baby and that takes weight gain. I am well within the confines of the suggested poundage. I have borrowed and/or invested in clothes that are made for this new shape. All is not lost.

Until I think about the fact that, even staying within the suggested weight gain, I should add-on at least 15 more pounds before all is said and done. Even if I forgo the vanity of that situation, that is a lot of extra weight to carry around. No wonder my hips don’t lie… instead they ache by the end of each day.

After 33 years (give or take a few years off, seeing that at 21 weeks, I just crossed over the weight I hit at my peak freshman year of college) of trying to keep the train on the rails, this is tough. Sure, I love the excuse to “eat for two”, but what happens once #2 is eating on her own? Will I be able to take the weight off and feel pretty again?!

Ah, the first world problems of today’s modern female…

So why am I bothering you with all this?

  1. Because I can. 🙂
  2. I know there are a lot of pregnant women in my circle right now and I wanted the chance to tell you, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!! No matter how much weight you have (or have not) gained, I know you are just as purdy as you were in April. Tell your dudes, kids, friends and family to remind you of this each and every day.
  3. I need your help. My plan is to use October as a reminder that now is a really important time to be healthy. I deserve a little extra treat every now and then, but perhaps my chocolate intake should be limited to twice a day (not three, four or five servings as may or may not been happening.)

Food of all courses continue to be interesting to me. I’m really enjoying cooking in the new kitchen and so far haven’t found any food Eggroll doesn’t like.

I would LOVE any suggestions y’all have for semi-healthy dishes (bonus points if it’s dessert) and/or blogs, web sites or new cookbooks for me to check out over this next month.

In a few weeks I’ll start collecting freezer recipes to get ready for February and March, but for now FEED ME SEYMOUR!!!



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