My 2014 Intentions

All of the talk this week about goal and intention setting has made me want to share with y’all what I’m thinking for 2014.

This has been an interesting year to try to plan. Normally, I have a three page strategic plan for my year (yes, I do have OCD tendencies, why do you ask?), but with Eggroll making her appearance shortly, I’ve really struggled with concrete goals. Add to this concern that I really didn’t hit a lot of my professional goals I set for myself last January, instead finding new ones to meet throughout the year, so I am struggling with specifics as I look ahead. Who knows what my life will look like six weeks from now, let alone come July…

BUT-sharing your goals with friends and strangers is a proven way to get you to stick with them, so here I am with my 2014 intentions. I plan on updating you each month a la Meghan’s 34 by 34 updates to keep you abreast of what’s going down in my life and to keep me accountable.

So without further ado –

My 3 Words of 2014

2014 Intentions


I spend way too much time thinking about tomorrow and/or yesterday. This year I am committing to experiencing the moment, whether it is a big one (like Eggroll’s first smile) or small (like the first time I put on real pants again…). Yes, there will be picture-taking and social media sharing, but first, I must just focus on the activity at hand.


If you’ve read anything on this blog, you know that I’m really amped up about all the other stuff beyond the asanas (movements) when it comes to yoga. I’m so looking forward to figuring out ways to share this information in a non-woohoo way with friends, family and potential clients. And I hope to teach y’all the best chocolate-related recipes this side of the Mississippi here on the blog, too…


The people who mean the most in my life are the ones that make me get up and do. If I can have this same influence over just one person, I’ll consider myself successful.

And for those of you that prefer the wordy version of my 2014 outlook…

2014 Personal Strategic Plan

***Upon further review, I would agree that yes, this is still a horribly specific outlook for the next 354 days. What can I say, I’m a planner by nature. Hopefully this makes me more of a doer, too.***

1. Focus on just Eggroll, me, Randy and home for the first six weeks of Eggroll’s life.

2. Keep a daily gratitude journal with “what’s life like with Eggroll” notes from January 1 until Eggroll’s first birthday.

3. Develop the Truly, Margaret Mary brand.

  •  Keep up a blog schedule of at least three posts per week throughout the year, including after Eggroll’s arrival by writing ahead of time and using guest writers.
  • Create at least three products that can be sold directly from and/or add value to the blog.
  • Host or teach in three workshop settings for women my age or younger where we will talk about gratitude, inspiration, daydreaming and/or yoga.

4. Publish at least 12 freelance writing pieces, including guest posts on others’ blogs.

5. Develop my teaching and coaching schedule.

  • Get back to a group exercise teaching schedule of at least four classes per week.
  • Test the waters with private clients for yoga and other group exercise classes. If I like this environment, secure at least 5 personal or small group clients.
  • Learn the Barre method program through the WAC and take a prenatal yoga teaching certification.

6. Spend time on my personal health in 2014.

  • Get back to pre-pregnancy weight by 12/31/2014.
  • Attend at least one yoga class per week as a student (preferably at a studio, but videos are OK, too.)
  • Read one for-fun book per month.
  • Have date nights with Randy at least once per month.
  • Go one at least one vacation as a family in 2014.

Wish me luck!


  1. I’m going to just give you 1 piece of advice that I personally struggle with. Focus every moment you can on Eggroll. Don’t worry so much about pictures, videotaping, recording memories. Focus on the moments. What I did was keep a memory book and calendar with ‘firsts’ and such, but always filled those out in my times away from J. I know you may be saying ‘duh’, but I sometimes find myself so overwhelmed by the NEED to record something fun J is doing that I forget to actually stop and enjoy that moment with her. Hope that makes sense:)

  2. Oh…and don’t put any expectations on your body. Your body is going to become a bitch! 🙂

  3. Heather, that absolutely makes sense. Actually, both parts do. 🙂 I made the decision this week NOT to get a traditional baby book because I know I’d spend too much time watching for events to fill the book. Instead, I’ll collect cards, footprints on cardstock, and first outfits and stick them into a box. Still save ’em, but no need to organize. At least not now.

  4. Good luck with all of your 2014 goals! I’m only commenting on Heathers comment (I don’t mean to offend you Heather) but I disagree about the body comment. If you worked out pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy, there is no reason you can’t get back to your original weight post-pregnancy. I have two children (a 2 yr old and 4 mo old) and I am right back to where I was before kids. If it is your lifestyle, continue to make it your lifestyle. Take the time to find “me” time to hit the gym if that is what is important to you. Mommy needs to be happy too. That is BS that children ruin your body. It’s the same body you always had. Best of luck getting it back to how you want it to be!

    • Hey Michelle! Thanks for commenting. I’m guessing what Heather meant (or at least what has been explained to me from others and what I’m trying to prep myself for…) is that I shouldn’t beat myself up if I don’t return to pre-baby shape quickly. Or ever. My body has been through a lot and with all the dieting in the world, it may get back to the same weight, but it might never be the same shape.

      That said, there is no reason I shouldn’t try if that’s where I decide to put my priorities. I think you and I are fortunate in that our schedules are relatively open for gym visits. (And I don’t know about you, but the free child care and opportunity to take long showers while someone else watches Eggroll will certainly help get me there!) I think it I had to be in an office away from Eggroll for the majority of the day, the last thing I’d want to do with my off time is spend more time away.

      On that note, I’m really curious to see how my husband does with exercise. He’ll only have a couple hours of awake time with her each day. Is it worth it to go for a run instead? I’m guessing your husband is active since you are. How does he schedule in workouts?

  5. Good luck Maggie! I’m flattered that you referenced my goals (especially as I’m beginning to do my year-end wrap up and restart for 34).

    I agree with the ladies above, make sure you allow for flexibility! I can’t imagine trying to stay on track with a new baby. It was hard enough adding a boyfriend to mix last year (giving up on ever kissing that South American) and realizing that I had to let some of my anal retentive goals slip (although there was lots we did together, that’s how I knew I found a great guy).

    • Absolutely! I love this idea. If I could narrow ’em down, I’d do it along with you. Though my tasks would probably be less fun than yours.

      I’m going to try to be flexible. It’s not in my nature (hence all the work in yoga), so please keep reminding me it’s ok.

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