Kickstarter Lessons for Your 2014 Resolutions

Happy New Year, friends!! How were your holidays? Full of good meals, photo-worthy memories, and fun football games, I hope!

While I’m choosing to enjoy these next two days basking in the glow of a perfectly good year, I know some folks want to jump right into their 2014 resolutions today. Perhaps I can be of service. Here are a few “lesson” posts that proved popular in 2013.

Four Uses for Essential Oils

Headache Relieving Essential PilsPerhaps this is your year to go organic and natural. Yah! Food is an easy way to make the transition, but the use of essential oils in place of medicines and cleaning supplies is another great baby step. In this post, I give you four easy ways to incorporate some basics into your daily routine.


The Big Reveal – Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen_remodel_lots_of_countertopsIf you are finally ready to remodel your kitchen, check out this post for some design and functional ideas. Four months after this post and I am still in love with our kitchen. It is the perfect hub for this home – great for my afternoons of baking and dinners with friends. Love.

P.S. Also check out this post on how to feed your family without a kitchen. You’re going to need all the help you can get in that regard. Takeout pizza every night sounds great until you actually have to do it…

How to Do Pilates While Pregnant

Prenatal PilatesBeing pregnant could have been the perfect excuse to give up exercising, but I honestly think sticking with pilates through at least week 32 helped me keep back pain and other common symptoms (cough, incontinence, cough) at bay. We’ll see if this work makes it any easier to get my body back in shape after Eggroll’s arrival, but even what it’s given me so far has been great.

If you want to stick with it, here are a few tips to enjoy prenatal pilates.

Cheater Way to Hang Curtains

Bungee Cord Curtain RodGrown-ups use curtains. Real grown-ups have sheers or blinds under the decorative curtains. But real people don’t want to drill that many holes into the window frames and/or don’t have the patience (and money) to do it “the right way”. Enter this hack I learned from Pinterest. Ah, bungee cords… What would we do without you?

Go ahead, friend. Grow up (but just a little bit!) this year.

Recipe for Blueberry Chocolate Cake

Blueberry_Chocolate_CakeIn 2014, I know I want to spend more time in the kitchen (please see Kitchen Remodel comments above), which of course means more baking. In case that’s also on your list of things to do, let me suggest this blueberry chocolate cake. It’s a sneaky way to add in fruit for your fruit-o-phobs and to dress up your average chocolate cake.

Easy and gourmet – bonus!

What are your resolutions for 2014? Any other advice I could offer before your dive in?

Here’s to a great year!!

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