The Legend of the Mom

Instead of interviewing a hero this month, I’d like to talk about a legend.

mom at the Chicago art museum, summerMom.

Now my mom was pretty amazing in her own right, but this post isn’t just about her.

It’s about all the women who have walked this path I’m going on and faced it without panic. (Or with panic AND a good poker face.)

Who have done what’s necessary to raise the next generation without losing their own personas along the way.

My hero momAs I jump into this new sorority of women, I am overwhelmed by all that is required of us – the patience and the entertainment. The cleaning habits and the ability to constantly get food on the table. The ability to dry tears and make giggles within a 75-second time span.

God, what did I get myself into??

Boy, did I underestimate my mom. I bet you did, too.

Seriously, they should get medals. Or plaques. Or at least gold watches or pink Cadillacs.

I’m going to take today (and oh, the next 18 years while I try to figure out how to raise my own daughter without going crazy…) to celebrate my mom and appreciate all she did for me. I think you should, too.

I miss you mom, but I’ve still got your love with me. With your examples etched in my brain, I know how to tackle motherhood, at least in theory. Please stay with me always while I try to put this in practice!

Mom and I in Chicago

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