Guest Blogger – Amy Sends A Note to Her Younger Self

Per the Yoga Off the Mat lesson yesterday, I have a few guest bloggers lined up who are going to share their thoughts to their younger selves and with us during the month of February. First up is Amy Nardiello. Amy was the president of my sorority my first year at the University of South Carolina. She also was one of the cool kids in my Hospitality 101 class who was taking it for fun, while it was a basic requirement for me. In short, she was the bees knees to this naive freshman and seemed to have it all together. Still is/does.

But as we’ve proven time and time again, what we outsiders think of someone is sometimes worlds different than what they think about themselves.

Let’s see what she has to tell the girl from back then.


24-year-old self, Amy and Charlie
Amy and Charlie, 13 years ago

I was asked to be a guest writer over at Truly Margaret Mary while Maggie is out on maternity leave. When I saw the topics, I jumped on what I would tell my 24-year-old self. A recent Friday marked my 37th Birthday so that makes it 13 years go.

Thirteen years ago, I was still living in Columbia, South Carolina and Charlie was still in college. We had been dating two years and had the world in front of us. He graduated and we moved to Jacksonville and started our life together.

So here it goes……SLOW DOWN. I know you aren’t going to listen to this but seriously, slow down, sit back, enjoy being 24. Enjoy the moment, try not to press the future. It’s going to fly by and before you know it, you are going to be 37.

You know those nights you went out, you know, almost every one? Cherish them. Cherish the freedom, cherish the moments of being able to go freely and have drinks by the ocean. Yeah, you worried about the money for the bill but look, you are always going to worry about money. Just that now it’s on how to fix the roof or new tires for the car, not should you get a margarita or save money and get a beer. Money is always around, don’t worry, you make a lot more than you did, but it still goes just as fast.

You probably should have exercised, because you have zero desire to do it now. You didn’t really need to back then, but in the long run it would have helped. Eating better would have helped too. You guys ate like crap except on Sundays when you did family dinners. Please, remember those family dinners, because that is where you got to laugh with your family and you learned to like wine. The wine was cheap back then but the laughter and the memories are priceless.

In about a year, you are going to tell Charlie to basically shit or get off the pot and get engaged. Not sure that was the best route but it was time and you both knew it. I guarantee you it was a great decision for both of you. You two find a love that is not going to be broken. Sure you have your ups and downs, but remember those late night moments dancing in the kitchen or singing in the car after a fun night, those never stop, they just are not around as much.

Amy_Nardiello_TodayThe happiest part of your day is coming home, being greeted by the Ellie dog and sitting on the couch after work. Enjoy that time, because I promise you, you don’t sit when you get older, unless it is 9pm at night. You do get greeted by happy faces and you get hugs that rock your world, but then you run around trying to do a 100 things in two hours. The time you spend having drinks with friends after work or getting your hair done should seriously be enjoyed because now those are more like check marks in your life.

Learn to be patient and mindful of others. It will really help you when you have children. There is no greater joy in the world then when you bring children into it. I know you think that is crazy, because bringing a new Kate Spade home is currently your greatest joy, but trust me on this. You will slowly forget the excitement of a new purse when you are holding that baby in your arms. 

Happy Family
Fact: this is one of the most gorgeous families you will ever see!

It will be awhile before you really settle down, so in that time remember to slow down, cherish time spent with family and friends, live in the moment and love yourself.


More About Amy

Modern day Amy is mom to two of the cutest kids you will ever see. Proof can be found at her blog, The Nardiello Family. Also, follow her for home decorating ideas. This girl needs her own HGTV show… So many good looks.

Amy, thank you so much for sharing these thoughts with us. You’re still one of the coolest in my book!

If you’d like to write something for Truly, Margaret Mary, let’s chat! In February, we’re talking kid-stuff (and teen stuff and all the cool things that happened before we had responsibilities) and March it’s all about gratitude. Got something that fits? Let me know.

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