Short Distance Dedication Going Out To Eggroll

You’re going to see this, at the earliest, on Friday morning. Hopefully by this time there has been a breakthrough and I’m on my way to the hospital and/or already there.

But in case it’s just another cold February Friday with not much for the record books for any of us, I’d like to send out a song to the woman who I love. Or will love once she’s not pressing her pointy elbow on my bladder nor foot in my rib… Cuz I’ll tell you one thing for sure – all this aggravation ain’t satisfactioning me.

Yes, Miss Eggroll, your dad and I are very ready to meet you. While I have enjoyed your constant (I mean CONSTANT, like hasn’t stopped since last Sunday for more than 15 minutes…) Morse code soliloquies on my kidneys, it’s time to start closing up shop. I’m not sure my back can handle much more.

We’ve got adorable onezies to photograph you in and corgis who are just dying to get their fur all over your blankies. Don’t make us wait much longer, girlfriend.

So anyway… in case you need a grand finale song for your in-womb tap dance recital, here you go.

And a 1… and a 2…

That’ll do it for us here at TMM Top 40. Have a good weekend and don’t forget…

Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.


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