Guest Blogger Martha Chooses to Be Grateful

This month we’re talking gratitude. Sometimes it’s easy to be grateful, sometimes not so much. Today’s guest blogger, Martha Manske, reminds us it is our choice to be grateful, even in the middle of a not-great scenario.


I was at one of my events a couple of weekends back. I’m a small business owner and anybody that owns one knows it’s tough to keep your business going. Some people have that killer instinct and “No Fear” like good salespeople need to really get their business off the ground. I’m learning but I’m not there yet. So anyway, it was a slow day; those happen too.

Since I was sampling my Martita’s Guiltless® Margarita Mix with alcohol, the venue provided a bartender. I’m not sure why. I have my bartender’s license so I guess it’s for legal reasons. Anyway, the bartender shows up and first thing out of his mouth is a complaint because he was told he would be actually bartending and making tips instead of just being paid minimum wage and helping me out.  He continued to complain about a lot of things – I won’t go into all of them because we could get sidetracked and start a political discussion.  He then proceeded to drink my samples with alcohol in them (even though he had already told me he wasn’t supposed to drink on the job), accept my granola bar without saying thank you, walk around and gorge himself on the other vendors samples, play on his phone most of the day, and sit in my chair without even asking. He actually unplugged my cellphone that I use to accept credit cards and plug his in so he could continue to play on his phone, again without so much as asking.  I could go on but I think you get the picture.

I tried to explain to him that he would actually be making more money that day than I would since it was so slow and there are always people who have it worse than you. His response was “you think so, huh?” dripping in sarcasm.

I was really annoyed and did NOT want to be around this person at all!  I still get mad just thinking about it. Would you want to be around this guy? How do you feel when you’re around somebody that complains all the time?

None of us have a perfect life, we all have issues and we all need to vent sometimes. I get it. Still, I think most of us know that we should be grateful for what we have: our parents, family, health, friends and/or the love we have in our life (whatever form – another person, pets, hobbies, etc.) but sometimes it’s really hard to actually LIVE that gratitude. And yes, we need to remember that MANY people have it worse than us so we don’t feel sorry for ourselves. Just actually living in the USA is something to be grateful for. I have been blessed enough to travel to a lot of other countries and what I’ve seen in some of them makes me feel guilty for what I have.

But really being grateful is a choice. We need to CHOOSE to be grateful. It’s up to us and we CAN do it.  And what happens when we’re grateful is that we become happier people and our lives become better. Sounds simply and IT IS simple.  And don’t we all want a better life both for us and our loved ones?

Make the CHOICE to be grateful.

Stop everyday, maybe before your feet hit the floor in the morning or before you close your eyes at night, take ONE minute to think of the things in your life you are grateful for. It could be any of the things already mentioned but, there are many others. A roof over your head … I love my house. Is it the biggest or the best looking house? Not by far, but its home. It could be your bed. I love my bed! It’s nice and warm on a cold winter’s night and makes me think of those people who don’t have one.  My car, it’s not the fanciest thing, but I get to step inside it and go where I need without having to wait in the elements for the bus. The fact that I can go to my cupboard and make a meal without worrying if I’m going to eat. Water that runs from my faucet and I don’t need to travel someplace to get it. And there are many more.

I meet people with less than I have and their gratitude amazes me. I want to be them.  So I am going to make the CHOICE to be grateful for all I have instead of thinking about what I don’t.  Do yourself a favor and make the CHOICE with me.  It won’t happen overnight, but I promise you will be a happier person and people will want to be around you. And you won’t be “that guy”!

About Martha Manske

Martitas Guiltless MargaritasOwner of Martita’s Mixers.  Creator of Martita’s Guiltless Margarita® Mix- it taste great, is naturally sweetened, low-calorie & gluten-free.

Many thanks to Martha for her thoughts on gratitude! And if all else fails… I will always be grateful for her mixes. Bring on spring and margaritas!!

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