Gratitude Journal Workbook Now Available!

Yesterday, I hinted at all the things I have to be grateful for even in the face of a tragedy. They are numerous! I bet you have special things in your life that are easy to name, but what makes you happy on your standard, average Tuesday?

Remember, here at Truly, Margaret Mary, I celebrate the real good life. Not a skipping through a meadow at twilight, singing Kumbaya, and eating fair-trade, organic carrots that were grown by Tibetan monks life. I may sound a little Pollyanna-ish every now and then, but a gratitude journal is a rock solid exercise even the manliest man could learn from.

30 Points of GratitudeAnd as always, I am here to help.

I have created a very short workbook to help you recognize what it is that you are grateful for in your life.

In this eight-page document, you’ll find 30 points of gratitude for you to consider. Just 30 topics that will make you realize that life is pretty awesome even on the ugliest of days and insanely great on the best.

To receive the printable workbook, all you have to do is subscribe to my blog by adding your email to the box on the upper right-hand corner of any page. You will instantly be emailed a link and a password to download the book on your own time.

Let me know what your think of the journal. I would like to make additional workbooks like this in the future. What else would you like to see from me?

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