10 Things To Do This Summer

This post on Cupcakes & Cashmere got me thinking. What do I want to do this summer? So often the warm weather months pass by in a blur of wasted nice days and A/C-cooled nights. Come the first cold day in September, I’m often bummed that I never got around to a whole host of things. Here are a few things to do this summer to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

And no, no big, fancy goals here. Just would be nice to enjoy  these in the name of living in the moment.

1. Read books in a lawn chair.

We don’t have good enough trees in our backyard to let us put up our hammock, so allow me to pretend that a lawn chair is good enough. I know better than to think I’m ever going to have a Sunday with nothing to do but read books anytime before 2032 (!!!), but I do have Eggroll’s nap times. Oh! Maybe “nap in a lawn chair” is a better idea.

2. Make Popsicles.

I’ve carried these popsicle molds through at least two house moves, perhaps more if I’ve had them since my parents moved to Texas. It’s about time that I actually use them. What’s your favorite popsicle flavor? I wonder if I could recreate fudge pudding pops, a staple of every visit to my Grandma Skarich’s house.

3. Relearn how to grill.

I love to cook all things all ways, but ever since Randy came around it’s been easy to hand off grilling duties. I don’t want to say it’s a man’s job, but I doubt he would as lovingly put together the side items while I manned the grill. I often do everything short of placing meat on the coals, so I might as well get comfy with the rest of it, right?

Riding a Bike and Carrying a Watermelon4. Ride my bike.

Last year I rode my bike a grand total of once. I spent too much on this silly thing to let it sit idle in the garage. The same could be said for all of our camping equipment, but I just can’t bring myself to think about camping with a noisy, poopy baby quite yet.

5. Do yoga in the park.

I like yoga. I like parks. How have I never been to one of these classes? This summer it’s getting even easier (like Lake Park is so far away. The OmTown Yogi community is hosting classes at Atwater Park right here in Shorewood. No excuses!

6. Lay on a blanket watching the stars.

The mosquitoes are already atrocious in my neck of the woods, so this might have to wait until our vacation, but it’s always nice to look out into the universe and contemplate life. Particularly now that Cosmos has blown my mind!

7. Go strawberry picking.

File this under The Things I Can Now Do Because I Have A Child. Until earlier this month, I didn’t realize that Eggroll can’t wear sunscreen until August, negating a summer filled with splash pads, so I have to do the next thing on the list – go strawberry picking. This seems like something that would be weird for an adult to do on her own, but now that I have a peanut who needs to start having life experiences… I’m golden!

I might even pick up some crayons and a coloring book on the way home for her. She may enjoy it. (If by “it”, I mean watching mom color.)

Let's go hiking this summer!8. Hike through one of our local state parks.

On one of our first dates, Randy and I trekked out west to hike a portion of the Kettle Moraine State Trail. This year I think the Harrington State Park would make a great place to spend a Sunday.

9. Enjoy a good thunderstorm from the back porch.

The only thing our new house is lacking is a covered front porch in which to properly take in a rip-roaring thunderstorm. Our backdoor is covered, so I guess this would be the only semi-safe outdoor place for me to go. Unless, of course, I end up in a park pavilion during a downpour. Hmm…

10. Go to a flea market.

I haven’t been able to bring myself to shop at garage sales yet. It’s not that I mind the secondhand condition of things. Rather, I just never have cash (and now have an extremity attached at my hip that makes it difficult to just pop out of the car). I’m thinking Cedarburg’s Maxwell Street Days or the epic Elkhorn Flea Market may help me find that magic balance between frugality and ease of stroller. Locals, have you been to either? Which do you prefer?

So those are my plans. What are you hoping to do this summer?

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