The Reality of Parenting – Now With Pictures

“I won’t let her stuff overtake our house,” I had said.


No. We will put her toys in the back room and everything else will be contained in her bedroom.

Sofa with baby toys

She will be a child living in a grown-up world, not the other way around.

Bouncy Seat on the way to the kitchen

My office will continue to be my sanctuary filled with only clutter of my making and books with topics of higher learning.

Baby cookbook in Mom's Office

The kitchen will always be a place filled with food and fancy tumblers.

Clean baby bottles

Our bedroom will continue to be a peaceful place without distractions.

What a Parent's Bed looks like after baby

Nothing will change.

Or everything will change and this first time parent couldn’t have been more wrong. But the reality of parenting couldn’t be more worth it.

Baby in a High Chair

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