Three Videos of Eggroll

It is COLD here in Milwaukee this week. In case you’re trying to keep the furnace off like I am, here are three videos of Eggroll that will warm the cockles of your little heart. (P.S. What are cockles anyway?)

Miss Eggroll has found her feet, her voice, and her puppy dog within the last couple of weeks. She can’t get enough of any of them!

BTW-My apologies for not filling the whole screen with video. Anyone know how I fix that when I upload videos from my iPhone?

Click on the pictures to link to the videos.

Little Peanut Tells Her Dad About Her Day (and her dirty diaper)

A Conversation Between a Baby and her Daddy


It’s Day 114 Since I Was Taken From My Warm, Safe Place



And The Moment Y’all Have Been Waiting For…

A baby and her corgi!

Baby Girl and Her Corgi


Gosh, is this girl a ham. I can barely stand all this cuteness stinking up the joint!

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