Photos of Eggroll – Month Five

Five months. How is that possible? On one hand, it feels like yesterday I was a freewheeling pregnant lady with all the time in the world. On the other hand, some days drag on so long (like yesterday when it was too hot to go outside), that I’m kinda surprised Eggroll isn’t leaving for college yet.

Highlights from this month include the traditional fourth of July party I spoke about around that time. Though it was a really chilly night, we had a lot of fun with my friends from high school.

Happy Fourth of July!

Playing bags on the fourth of JulyMalorie's Friends

Glow necklaces on the 4th of July

Someone even got stuck in something again!! Though it was cute, it wasn’t nearly as hilarious as last year. 😉

Kid stuck in a DiscSlam

The following weekend we went to Michigan with my best friend from college’s family. It’s been 10 years since I’ve seen everyone besides Amber’s immediate crew yet it immediately felt like old times. Amber’s grandma is the saucest thing this side of a BBQ joint. I hope I’m like her when I’m 90+.

Amber's Family

Here’s the first picture to go into Malorie and Cameron’s future wedding slideshow.

Malorie and A flirting

Pablo’s little girl was born a month after Malorie. I love the faces this girl (well, both girls) makes.

BFF and Baby

Get out! My mom went to USC, too. We have the coolest moms, don’t we??

Future BFFs

Future Malorie and C! Or two teenagers that seem like exactly what I hope Malorie turns into…

Teenagers on vacation

While on this vacation, Malorie had her first opportunity to get in a pool. It took a little while for her to warm up to it (and warm up in general), but she loved it! The next weekend we were down in IL and in a pool again. Eggroll turns purple before she’s ready to leave. Future Dana Torres!

Baby's First Swim

A little more...

This is awesome!!

Let’s go to the deep end, Mama!!

Baby in the deep end

Besides the big events, we spent a lot of time just hanging out. Malorie finally learned how to get back to her back from her tummy, which means she might  finally be sleeping through the night again. She’s really taken to Noah, who in turn has started ignoring her. Well, not ignoring her, but not licking her to death every time she’s on the floor. This is a good thing.

Smooches from my kiddos

For the five month photos, I decided to try out a little rocking chair that lives in her room. My original baby and my best baby!

Malorie and mama's toy

After a tumble off the couch, Mal has mastered sitting up. She seems pretty proud of herself, huh? Good job, baby girl!

Five month old baby sitting up

Five Month Old Baby Pictures

So that’s month five. I can’t wait to see what’s in store!



  1. Ahhh!!! THE CUTENESS. I can hardly take it.

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