My Little Devil Child

Each day brings us┬ásome new thing Eggroll is doing, saying, or getting into. She’s growing so fast I’ve already forgotten that she hasn’t been sitting up or making eye contact with me whenever I come into a room from day one. I’m afraid we are only a couple weeks away from crawling as she has started a hand and knee back and forth. Once she figures out how to move left, right, left we are in trouble!

But last week’s development was a weird one. In yoga, its called ujjayi breath. In animals, it would be considered a dragon noise. In movies, the power of Christ is compelling her to bounce around in her jump-up.

She’s already moved on to a higher register with less breath when she speaks, making me wonder what the heck was that?! Was it a function of the cold she had? Trying to contain the drool while speaking? Did a fire-breathing lizard take over her body for the week? Anyone else have this happen with their babies?!


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