Eggroll’s First Retrospective

Since February we have gone through a lot of diapers, frozen dinners, mid-day naps, midnight feedings, a couple pacificers, and a whole pile of clothes that no longer fit (neither me nor Mal.) It’s been a whirlwind of a ride to say the least!

I know Eggroll weighs more than she did at birth. In fact, she’s doubled her weight. She’s growing tall just like her daddy, too. But I really didn’t think she’s changed that much until I looked at these pictures. I think the biggest physical change came during month four when she seemed to start filling out around the midsection. In month five, she finally started having some personality.

Here’s a picture from each month from her special chair with a bonus gift at the end for anyone who makes it that far. (Here’s a hint – in month six, she’s been on the move!!)

One Month Baby Girl

We decided not to get professional shots done until at least six months. Looking at this picture, I’m really glad we made that decision. Could our announcements have looked nicer? Absolutely. (Lesson learned – don’t give a drugged up new mom the camera and expect much a week into it.) But for as much as I love my Eggroll, she looks like every other baby in the history of babies here.

Two month old baby

Then we had month two when girlfriend went through her Grumpy Gus AND Big Skarich Ear phase. Fortunately, I think she has grown out of both.

Baby at Three Months

For month three, I still didn’t have the hang of Eggroll’s nap schedule, so I caught her again when she was tired and expressionless. I feel like she could smile then… Maybe?! Though she could rock the headband well at this point, so all was not lost. She definitely wasn’t sitting up on her own. This was all propped up.

Four Month Old Baby

Except for an outfit change and a little height, I’m not sure much happened leading up to the month four mark. Doesn’t it look like I just changed her clothes and the card?

Five month old baby girl

And then all of a sudden – BABY IS A GROWING MACHINE!! She looks like a monster compared to her former selves. I think part of it was just the angle, but she definitely put on the most weight during this month. Makes sense – month four to five was when she wasn’t sleeping much, but eating a ton. Girlfriend was a’growing!

Six month old baby

This last month has been all about growing her personality. She smiles, laughs, gets really pissy when she’s hungry and really happy when you sing her a song. She also got her first two teeth and…

Gulp. And I thought things were already interesting…

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