Lightening Up In All Sense of the Term

Whew! It has been all together much too serious up in these parts. I think we all missed the memo that it’s summer with all of this talk of wills, awareness, and general humdrums. Summer is the time for fun, frivolity, and wasting time on silly stuff!

Speaking of wasting time and the need to infuse some silliness here on the blog, I need your help on a very important issue here in the TMM world.

Right after (literally, on the way home from) my last hair cut, Randy told me he prefers my hair short. What?! 30% of the reason I had been growing my hair out was because I thought he (and every dude ever) preferred long hair. Imagine my surprise! So right away, I came home and started looking at short hair styles thinking I was going to make a big, drastic change the next time I went in.

Well, that next time is scheduled for tomorrow night and now I’m having second thoughts. Why? Because because someone with a name that starts with a “M” and ends in a “alorie” really likes to pull on my hair. And girlfriend has got some serious grippers on her!! Owww.

On the other hand, because of that same 13 pounds of busybody, I have not worn my hair in anyway that didn’t include a ponytail holder for the last six months. I honestly don’t think I’ve worn my hair down once since Randy’s holiday party back in January. I feel very Lady Mary since I only let my hair down to sleep and keep it pinned up tight all day.

Maggie with short hairI’ve been known to rock the short hair pretty well. I’ve also had a very unfortunate style that made me look like a frat boy. Frat boy hair came around the last time I weighed this much so I’m worried my face may be too round, but when it worked…

I mean, that’s pretty cute, right??

So what say you, oh wise hairstyle opinion-havers?

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  1. Ugh I don’t know what to say…You do rock the short hair very well. My stylist made me PROMISE I wouldn’t cut my hair when Jordyn came and despite numerous times wanting to I still haven’t. I even made it through the hair pulling phase (yes, that ends…rather quickly it seems). Do what you are most comfortable with because ultimately YOU are who matters most.

  2. Michelle @ Bolted Vintage

    LONG HAIR LONG HAIR LONG HAIR. Also I went home and dyed my hair neon red after our lady date last week, so DO SOMETHING CRAZY WITH YOURS, TOO.

  3. SHORT HAIR! DO IT! I love that pic, too – it’s one of my faves 🙂

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