Photos of Eggroll – Month Six

Hi friends! Eggroll here. Mom took a bunch of pictures during the month when we were out and about doing interesting things. You may have seen them on Instagram¬†or Facebook. When she was getting ready to put this post together, she realized all the pictures came from a mini photoshoot she did one night after dad came home from work. That’s OK. I think we still both look awesome.

We’re finally getting a professional to take some pictures in a couple of weeks, so mom needed to test out how I do after 5pm. That’s become a dicey time for me depending on how I napped and ate that day, but I did pretty good. Having Noah dance around sure helps to make me smile.

My Aunt Robyn took some pictures of me back in May, but I was too grumpy to get many good ones. Here’s hoping the next guy has better luck. But that will be for month seven. For now, without further ado – here’s me at six months (and two days… I was busy at a wedding on the actual day. I’ve got a full dance card, what can I say?!)

And that, friends, is what’s going on with me these days. Rumor has it mama is going to do a side-by-side of the chair pictures for a post later this week. Otherwise, we’re getting ready to hang out for one last summer weekend. School starts next week! (If by next week you mean three years from next week), so I better start getting ready.



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