Photos of Eggroll – Month Eight

My dad would often tell me that he liked me even more “at this age”. The older I got, the more we could talk about and the more experiences we could share. In the midst of it, I took some offense to this statement. What was wrong with me at 3, 12, 24?? But now I get it. Even just eight months in, I am enjoying Miss Eggroll more and more with each passing day.

Eight-Month Old Baby and Mama

When I think back to the nights of multiple wake-ups and the dreaded breast pump, it seems like a lifetime ago. Now we are down to four bottles a day plus three solid food sessions, some of which go better than others. She loves eating Cheerios and small pieces of meat. She has no interest in my homemade baby food, only the pre-packaged stuff.

Eight-Month Old Baby Playing in Mommy's Bedroom

Um... I'm Working On Something Here!
Sorry to publish this for all the world to see, Miss Eggroll, but I’m supposed to document everything, right?! For those of you not in the know, this is the “Working on Something” face, complete with teething drool.

Girlfriend sleeps from 7 pm – 7 am and usually takes a long nap in the afternoon. Some mornings she will nap. Other times she’ll fight it to hang out with me (or let’s be honest…with Noah.)

A Baby and Her Corgi

Speaking of which, I feel like there is a biting incident on the horizon. Noah keeps giving Eggroll his toy, which is sweet and all, but then he is all up in her face when she doesn’t give it back. Also, she has reached the grabby and I’m-going-to-pull-out-your-hair phase, which isn’t going over well with my over-sensitive dog. He does a good job checking himself, but I’m guessing there is going to be a good yank of thigh hair that will make him nip without thinking. In the meantime, why doesn’t he learn to walk away?!?!

Favorite Face on My Eight-Month Old Baby
Gosh, I love this face.

Eggroll has her favorite toys. This thingie is a hit.

Eight-Month Old Baby's Favorite Toy

So is anything that makes noise and/or lights up. On the other hand, the simpler the better. I got a handful of plastic kitchen tools for her to play with while I’m making dinner that she loves. Also, her favorite “toy” out of the box in my office is a roll of satin ribbon. I have a feeling we are going to have fun doing crafts and baking projects in our future. (Or maybe that’s just me. 😉 )

Eight-Month Old Baby Playing in Mommy's Closet
Mal has a thing for shoes. The teenage years will be dangerous!

Girlfriend is so smilely, but saves her giggles for the Tickle Monster. Instead, she likes to make a roar-like sound to show that she’s happy. She still loves baths. Still hates diaper changes. She’s still willing to wear whatever I put on her, including headbands and (crazy) shoes.

Eight-Month Old Baby and Mama Selfie
This was the month that I honestly fit into all of my old clothes. Perhaps that’s part of my good spirits??

She went from crawling to pulling herself up to a standing position without furniture nor human assistance in no time, but has no idea what “to walk” means. I hope this stays that way for awhile!

Eight-Month Old Baby Standing
Look at me, mama!

The un-great stuff is still out there, but I’ll keep that out of this post. For now, just know I’m digging Miss Eggroll at this age and can only imagine it will get even more fun with every passing day.

Eight-Month Old Baby

What is your favorite baby age?

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