Braise Culinary School Graduation Dinner

What an experience.

Pastry Chefs in the Making

That sums up all I have to say about this past Sunday when we, Braise Culinary School students, took over the restaurant’s kitchen and cooked for our friends and family. We had our hands in everything from the piles and piles of perfectly batonette root vegetables to the melted chocolate that coated the hazelnut and cranberry biscotti.

Farro Salad with olive oil pouched vegetables and horseradish cremeInstead of telling you about it in words, I’m going to let the pictures do the talking today. With the help of a few fellow students, we got some great shots.

Working on pork

The only picture I don’t have is of me on the couch unable to move once I got home Sunday night. Man, being a fancy restaurant chef is hard work!


If you are considering this course, please, please, please do yourself a favor and go for it. Yes, it is a hefty chunk of change, but it is an experience of a lifetime! I already know one person signed up for next year, so I can promise you’ll make at least one very fun and interesting friend, too. Class starts January 21st. If this isn’t a potential Christmas list item, I don’t know what is!

Emily On the Line

Many thanks to the chefs at Braise for your patience and guidance through this experience. And to my fellow students – y’all were a blast. I look forward to 201 and many more classes, wine clubs, and other foodie adventures together in our future!

Braise Cooking School Students

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