A Video To Set the Mood This Christmas Eve

I went to college in the south. During that time, I learned to appreciate Nascar. Sweet tea. Pearls. Busch lite. Country music. Classic rock. Classic rock country music.

I came of age surrounded by the best – Led Zeppelin, Alabama, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson.

I came home at the holidays to crazy amounts of family mixed with cigarette smoke, kruskovak ice cream drinks, delicious dinners, many rounds of the Matt and Miriam game and evenings spent hiding from whatever participant had a few too many hits from the snake.

For this year’s Christmas Cop Out post, let me point you to a song that defines those college Christmases (Christmi?). Robert Earl Keene put it best when he said,

Hallelujah, everybody say “cheese”. Merry Christmas from the family!!

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