Top Posts of 2014 – It Really Is All About Motherhood

It’s time for us bloggers to make a list and share it twice of our most popular posts of the year. These Year at a Glance posts help us see what we should focus on in the new year and, honestly,  throw up a quick post when we’re busy with other things during this holiday week.

I was kind of surprised to see that my top three posts (plus this post on wine for pregnant ladies from 2013 that continues to bring in new folks everyday!) were all based on being a new mom. I know this is a topic that floats around my brain often, but I would have thought the recipes were what would have drawn in folks from all demographics.

This begs the questions –

What topics that I write about do you like the most?

And how did Eggroll’s monthly pictures not break the top 10 list??

Without further ado, here are my most popular posts for 2014.

Why Breastfeeding Was A Bunch of Hogwash

Breastfeeding problems

Just today I had a reason to talk about breastfeeding with a fellow new mom and it left me shuddering. I really started liking Eggroll and motherhood around the six-month mark. I attribute 75% of that to the fact that she was able to do things at this point, but at least part of this has to be the fact that we were then done with breastfeeding. I know a lot of women love this experience. I… did not.

Third Trimester Workout

Third Trimester Exercise - Use the Pool

This is a pinterest favorite for preggo ladies looking for a way to keep working out when they feel like a moose.

Over the last couple of months, I taught a prenatal water class at the WAC. I only had a couple ladies in the class, but they got so much out of this workout, as did I. People like to poke fun at working out in the water, but anyone with 25 extra pounds hanging out around their midsection, or just looking for something different, will love this workout. I mean, who didn’t love playing in the pool as kids? This is the same thing, just with more lunges and wall push-ups.

The Reality of Parenting

What a Parent's Bed looks like after baby

This picture-focused post shows the honest truth about what my house looks like with a baby. (Update: even more toys, even more love for Eggroll.) I never thought I would be That Parent that let the kid take over the house, but alas… Girlfriend has.

Interview with a Young ‘En Willing to Leap

Hero Candace

This post about my favorite Millennial, Candace, was my last Hero post to go up. Candace up and left Milwaukee for San Francisco when she decided she needed a change. I wish more people would take chances like that on life.

Though we haven’t spoken live (or now that I think about it, even electronically) since this post, Candace continues to be one of my favorite people. Read her interview to see why.

Guest Blogger – Wedding Vows

@CassieMKE and her man

January – April would have been a mess on this blog had it not been for my awesome guest bloggers. I loved hosting other people! Dan’s post on three words to guide the year became a guiding principle for me. A number of posts are gratitude and to the authors’ younger selves also got me thinking. But this post on creating a wedding that’s all about you was the one that brought in the biggest number of viewers.


Whether its planning a wedding, having a baby, or just picking out what’s for dinner, I always want people to be comfortable doing it however is right for them. I guess that’s what I should continue writing about, huh?

P.S. In case you have a new year’s resolution to start following new blogs, here are good recap posts from two of my favorites – Jones Design Company and Two Peas and Their Pod.

I need to follow more mom and food blogs in 2015. Do you have any favorites that can’t be missed?

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