Grateful For

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FAQ About The Eggroll

I’ve had 15 weeks to come to terms with the fact that I’m pregnant. Since you are new on the scene, here are some questions that may help get you up to speed. Who or what is the Eggroll? Eggroll is the temporary name we have given the baby until […]

Grateful For…Lazy Saturdays

This past Saturday found us without anything specific to do. Sure, the house list is still a mile long, but we didn’t have any contractor deadlines to meet or dates with friends to attend. I did have the wedding show on Sunday, so we knew Saturday would be a low-key […]

Grateful for Summer

Grateful for Summer

It has been a relatively cold, relatively wet summer so far, but you know what – IT’S SUMMER!!! So who cares. This is absolutely my favorite time of year, so to celebrate, let’s talk about some awesome things that come with these warm weather months. Super Late Sunsets While I […]