Heroes & Legends

“Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. Follow your heart, kid and you’ll never go wrong.”

-The Sandlot

Sure, this quote came from a cutesy coming-of-age movie, but it meant a lot to me growing up and continues to do so. My dad was big on having real-life heroes. One of his best friends from high school who became a Navy SEAL was one of his favorites. This gentleman meant so much to him, he named his dog after him. (Trust me, this is a compliment in our family.)

In the spirit of inspiring us all to be better grown-ups, I plan on interviewing folks I know (heroes) and writing notes about famous people I’d like to meet (legends). It makes no matter that a good number of these folks are probably younger than me, I still want to be them when I grow up.

The alternative title for this section of the blog would be “Maggie’s Ultimate Cocktail Party”. I imagine the conversation between these folks to be fantastic.

Stay tuned for interviews throughout the year. I already have some folks in mind, but if you have someone I’ve got to meet, please let me know. Potential blog post or not, I can never know enough inspiring women (and men!)

Past Interviews

Candace Sake, February 26, 2014

Interview With A Young’en Willing to Leap

I worked with Candace for the short period of time that we were both at a downtown Milwaukee job. Immediately, she impressed me as someone who was going somewhere if she could just figure out what “somewhere” was. Turns out it was San Francisco. Girlfriend took a leap of faith to move away from everything she knew, including a steady, albeit mind-numbingly boring, job to go test the waters in a new place. My goodness, do I wish more people did this!!

Moms!, January 23, 2014

The Legend of the Mom

Instead of interviewing a hero this month, I’d like to talk about a legend. It’s about all the women who have walked this path I’m going on and faced it without panic. (Or with panic AND a good poker face.) Let’s hear it for moms!!

Steph Davies, November 25, 2013

New Mom and Artist Extraordinaire

I was recently accepted into a Facebook group that is for moms in the Milwaukee area which has given me the chance to “meet” some interesting ladies all going through the same life changes I either am or will be experiencing shortly. One of those ladies is Steph Davies, mother of Miss Remi and owner of Waxwing Boutique in Shorewood. I knew Steph from the previous life of farmers markets and craft shows, but it’s only now that I see what a good juggler she is. Remi is only two months old, but Steph is already back in action at the store, working on her own art, and giving her all to her new baby girl. I love that she’s honest that it’s not all puppy farts and rainbows, but overall, she seems to be handling this big, huge life change with aplomb.

Nicole Smith, October 29, 2013

All-Natural Guru

Nicole recently completed a nutritional counseling program and has become an all-natural lifestyle expert. She hosts cooking classes and teaches straight from her blog, More Beets, Please, about easy ways to eat healthier while still keeping the taste buds happy. She has also introduced me to many other natural practices, such as acupuncture and the essential oils. I love that she does this without being judgmental. She appreciates we’re all real people who like the secret little snack every now and then, but really do want to be better.

Erin Hareng, July 24, 2013

Erin Gives Without Asking

I originally came up with the Heroes & Legends idea because of the women in my life like Erin Hareng. Erin simply does not stop. She has a high-level job where she teaches as much as she learns. She is raising two little ladies to be the next generation of feminists. She is a great chef, has a beautiful home, is a big time Christmas decorator, and does crazy exercise challenges that has her running over muddy hilltops while carrying her canoe to the next step. Erin keeps so many balls in the air and makes it look easy; though she is the first person to admit that it’s not. Her patience and willingness to take on tough projects are to be admired.

Michelle Eigenberger, June 20, 2013

Purveyor of Vintage and Awesomeness

Michelle can pull off cat-eye eyeliner on your average Tuesday and it looks awesome and badass and totally appropriate all at the same time. Even though she’s smart enough to keep her head down and do great work at a day job that helps with health insurance and a stable income, she gives her baby, Bolted Vintage, 110% of her attention in the down time instead of laying on the couch like the rest of us do after a hard day of work.

College Bestie, Amber, May 31, 2013

My Partner in Crime for the Best Days of My Life

Amber was around for some great college days and so not-so-great grown-up stuff. She has always stayed true to her path and has come relatively to terms with all the good, bad and “whew, that was interesting” of her past. We should all hope to be that balanced.

Renee Joos, March 20, 2013
Do-it-all Rocket Machine

My sister-in-law Renee is pretty awesome. Awesome enough that Randy understands even if something happens between the two of us someday, I still get to be friends with her.

Meghan Arnold, January 17, 2013

World Traveler, Dream Catcher, Go Getter

We watched Meghan transition from a person who could have stayed stuck in an okay-but-not-great life to someone who set out to achieve her dream. We saw her transform herself physically in a short amount of time, then apply the same principles to moving to her dream city. In short, she finds the goal AND ATTACKS IT!