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We’re Even Selling T-Shirts…

As promised, the Mark Skarich Memorial Road Show will be coming to Milwaukee Saturday, June 6. We will have a memorial service at Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church at 1 pm that day. A reception will follow at one of my parents’ favorite bar/restaurants. Location and directions will be provided at the […]

Fruitful Four Years

Fruitful Four Years

Can you believe it? I’ve been in my house for four years as of today! Google tells me the 4th anniversary is fruit and flowers. Anyone want to buy me the pepper or zucchini plant I need to finish my garden? Kidding. (Kinda.) I think she’s come along nicely if […]

What You Can Find on the Web

Yesterday I googled “Mark Skarich” to see what was out there. (I suppose after looking up JS last week, I should probably look up my own dad this week!) Two interesting things came up. An Article from the San Antonio TimesI’m guessing this is more of the police report for […]

One of the Games I Play

My parents and I have a game we play at the airport. We pick people out and come up with their story. That guy over there is from Saginaw, MI. He’s worked for Acme Steel for 25 years, but is worried about his job due to the economy. He’s been […]