Thank you for thinking of Truly, Margaret Mary as a place to communicate with your (potential) customers. This space is a lifestyle blog written, maintained and edited by Maggie Joos, aimed at thirty-something women balancing home life, career, personal health, and an addiction to dessert. I share recipes, prompts to get folks daydreaming, and a biggilion pictures of my Eggroll and corgi.

Family through a corgi's eyes
Photo Credit to Billy Zakrzewski Photography

If you think my readers may be interested in hearing more about your product, let’s chat!

I 100% believe in shopping local and/or with small business, one-(wo)man shops. I will always throw my support this direction vs. towards the big guy.

If your product is organic, local to the Midwest, and/or chocolate-based, I am the woman for you. I will partner with any company that I feel represents the high standards of the Truly, Margaret Mary.

I do participate in affiliate marketing through select companies and businesses and welcome sponsorships for my posts.

I typically post three times a week – Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings with general themes for each day:

  • Tuesday – Experience
  • Wednesday – Teach
  • Thursday – Inspire

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