#TheRealGoodLife Manifesto

It’s simple.

I love you, but I love my family more.

I don’t want to make them wait for a meal while I artfully arrange a shot. Nor do I want to make their dinner at two in the afternoon and have them eat reheated food that’s been repeatedly touched. I certainly don’t want to make a dish for the sake of a picture and then throw it away.

Truth: I don’t make a homemade dinner every night.

Some of my pictures aren’t perfect and you know what? That’s OK. That’s #therealgoodlife.

Sometimes I have a cathartic moment and I don’t write about it. That’s OK. That’s #therealgoodlife.

Other times, I find myself knee-deep in life frustrations and DO tell you about it vs. pretending everything is all roses and unicorns. That’s #therealgoodlife.

It’s not the stylized, Pinterest-perfect life some other sites may promote. It’s the real life with dirty dishes, poor lighting, and hungry babies. It’s a life where the REAL is just as important as the GOOD.

Donuts from #therealgoodlife
This breakfast from Voodoo Donuts isn’t perfectly staged, but it sure was delicious!

As a professional blogger, I do my best to ensure my photographs are attractive and enticing, but first I am a mom, wife, friend, and hostess. I care for those actually in my home as I hope you do for those in yours. Photoshop can do wonders after the fact, but there is nothing beautiful in impatient moments.

I suppose this is an apology for crappy shots, but, more so, it is permission for you to live your life as is best for you. Don’t worry about documenting every step of the way. We don’t need to see every shared snack, every bedtime smooch, nor every beautiful sunset you witness. Put away the phone and lap up those moments, friend. They’ll pass on before you know it.

When you just can’t help yourself, tag your pictures with #therealgoodlife. Together, we can endorse a world where good enough really, truly is good enough. It’s the best.