The iPhone Selfie Hack You Won’t Believe You Didn’t Know

Happy Labor Day American friends and good Monday to everyone else! We are officially in my Back to School themed month where I help you learn something new everyday.  Today is an easy one since it’s a holiday.

Ready to have your mind blown?

iPhone Selfie Tip

You can use either of the volume buttons on the side of your phone to take a picture.

That’s right. No more fumbling with hand positioning, trying to hold the phone at the angle that best shows your squinch while poking towards that unreachable circle in the middle of the screen. Just use your thumb and hold with ease.

I’ll give you a nickle if you’re an iPhone user and don’t test this out within 36 hours of reading this. Life changing, I tell you.

A shout out to my brother-in-law, Brandt, for teaching me this one. My life will never be the same.

Now go enjoy the day! No more holidays ’til Thanksgiving and it will be cold then. Wah wah…

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