Easy DIY Toy for Six- to Ten-Month Old Baby

This is my first Christmas with Malorie, but if past events with other kiddos are any indication, I know that her favorite gift is not going to be the clothes, the stack of books, or the rocking horse. Nope, it’s probably going to be the box something came in.

In that spirit, I have a DIY toy project for you to do. Perhaps it’s an actual Christmas present or maybe it’s just something to tide the little one over until Santa visits in a couple weeks.

All you need for this project is trash.

Yep, trash.

The next time you finish a box of Kleenex, keep it. Then, if you are the crafty type and already have fabric scraps and ribbon, cut a few pieces and stuff inside. If you don’t have a whole closet full of unfinished projects like some of us (ahem… I have a craft supply addiction!), then find an old t-shirt you can cut up, an old kitchen towel, or little trinkets that would be easy for little hands to grab (but not so little little throats can swallow!)

Supplies for Baby Toy Project

Show Baby all the cool things inside and watch them spend hours trying to get the pieces out of the box.

Supply costs: $0.00

Hours of fun: Unlimited!

DIY Baby Toy

I made this for Eggroll around the six-month mark. It’s in the box of toys in my office and is usually the first one she plays with, but I think some of the charm is starting to wear off. She might be aging out or just be ready for a new toy.

Look out paper towel tubes and scrapbook scraps. I’m coming for you!

What “toys” have been the most successful in your house?

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