What I Did Today

This one is short. My back is achy. My belly is full. My job is fun.

Yep, this is what I did today.*

Photo Day at Work

I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I’m doing, but this is pretty fun. Rocking out to OAR while playing in the kitchen and finding the best light. Yep. This was a good day. And in case that’s not enough, tomorrow morning is a branding workshop**. Business nerd squee!

So that by me. How’s by you?

*OK, this is actually what I did yesterday, but I was literally too tired to add a couple pictures to a post I wrote on Monday night guessing at what I’d be feeling post cooking day. It took all my energy to unpack my kitchen props and plop on the couch. Sorry.

** This morning was the branding workshop and it was pretty fantastic. Finally, I feel like I have a better idea of the voice I’m supposed to be using for work. Interestingly enough, it’s not my own voice as originally thought. Instead, it’s a little older, health-conscious, and sophisticated. Some people dress for the job they want. Looks like I’ll be making Facebook posts for the life I want.

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