A Problem With Using The Internet As Your Journal

At some point of a journal-keepers life, she wants to write down the ugly stuff. The people who made her mad. The disheartening feelings she has about herself. The fears she has about friendships and family. The list of presents she wants to get for her husband’s 40th birthday.

Alas, if this journal-keeper is writing on the world wide web, she will find a point in time when there is absolutely nothing she can put out there because SOMEONE might see. It might be said hubby, annoying people, family, friends, or self. It might be strangers that might someday become supervisors, neighbors, or her daughter’s mother-in-law.

Our journal-keeper has just enough etiquette to know that while she might share way more details than appropriate, there is a line out there somewhere and today she can decide to shut up or to cross it. So on May 5, 2015, I decide to hang out on this side of the fence and keep y’all wondering about what’s going down in my life.

Instead of telling you about all my thoughts, feelings, goals and endeavors, here is a video of a corgi shaking his thang. Noah is on the downward spiral and I’m afraid I won’t see this from my little guy anymore. Wah wah.

Hopefully I’ll have more I’m willing to talk about in a few weeks. Once those floodgates open, watch out world!

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  1. Kelly Andrew

    This might be the hot new trendy workout you were seeking. The bubble butt.

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