Give Me A Buzz If You Getta Chance…

Back story 1: Mom had told me she was going to Sprint yesterday to turn in her phone and have it exchanged for dad’s.

Back story 2: I have both cell phone numbers and their home number listed as “ice Mom and Dad”

So I wake up at 6:30 and check my phone…There was a missed call from “ice Mom and Dad” at 5:33 with a voicemail. Oh no, I thought! Mom was having a bad night and I missed helping her. I listened to the voicemail, and since it was Sprint-to-Sprint, it gave me the name vs. the telephone number… I.E. First human voice I heard this morning said “Mark Skarich” in Mark Skarich’s recorded voice. There was a good 6 second message that sounded like someone was fumbling around with the phone, no words.

I figured two things: 1. if mom did have a bad morning, she may be back in bed, so I’ll wait ’til later to call her. 2. what probably happened was that she was just messing around with the phone learning how to use it and accidentally called me.

So I waited until 9:30 to call her.

Me: “Hey mom, did you call me this morning?”
Mom: “No, I finally slept great and didn’t wake up until you called dad’s cell at 8:30. Why did you call there?”
Me: “Wait, “dad’s cell”? You didn’t make it yours?”
Mom: “No, I got a model like his, but his was worn out. I brought his home to get the numbers out of it, but plan on throwing it away after that.”

So, moral of the story…dad called both me and mom this morning. Happy shivers…

He must have been out for an early morning delivery of Fastenal to the contractors in heaven.

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