A Welcoming Door
Welcome friends! Come on in!

Welcome to Truly, Margaret Mary, my little corner of the internet where I get to talk about whatever is on my mind. Currently, that is food, babies, food, yoga, food, the real good life and, you guessed it, food. I don’t dream about being a food blogger per se, but have big plans to try all of the recipes already out there and sharing the best with you. I’ve never met a chocolate product I didn’t like, but I’m willing to keep up the hunt.

One of my life mottos is to always have something to look forward to. I’ve got A LOT in my future, but I’ve also got a bunch of fun stories in my past. This is why I’m big on gratitude. I think the world would be a much better place if we could all shake off the funk every now and then and think about the little things that give us pleasure.

Also, I don’t think anyone should settle. Ever. Not with a job, a boyfriend, or a living situation. I’m here to inspire friends new and old to go out and try that thing that scares them. If you need a kick in the pants to start a new company or ask the girl on a date, I’ll be here with pom pons in hand. We all have great big dreams. I can’t wait to help more people get closer to achieving theirs.

I’m the only regular writer for this blog, but I welcome all interested guest bloggers and potential topic ideas. Got something for me? You can find me here or at maggie (at) trulymargaretmary.com.


Meet the Players in the Truly, Margaret Mary World

Maggie – Biographer, Photographer and Baker Extraordinaire

My New Favorite Picture When I’m not trying to make #therealgoodlife a thing, you can find me teaching yoga, pilates, and/or barre classes at the Wisconsin Athletic Club here in Milwaukee, WI. I’m also trying to get a one-on-one yoga training practice going, so if you’re interested, hit me up.

If not there, then I’m probably at home hanging with my new little girl and my old dog, playing in the kitchen or putzing on Facebook (or both). Otherwise, I’m making googly eyes at my husband who just might be the best person on the planet.

Like any good renaissance woman, I have had my fair share of careers. I’ve been an event planner, an association manager, an intern at a major corporation, and the CEO of a small business. I’ve tried it all. Yes, I may be inflicted with the Shiny Object Syndrome, but I’m honing in on my life’s purpose, I swear!

I started writing a blog when my dad got into a motorcycle accident that ultimately was his demise. Unfortunately, I seem to write best when I have a really emotional thing that I need to get out of my system. Or when it’s 2 am.

I might teach yoga and write in a gratitude journal, but I love a good, juicy hamburger and a detailed Excel spreadsheet as much as the next guy in the office. In short, I’m a real person, just like you.

Five Things That Make Me Happy
  • Planning my dinner menu for the week (No, seriously!)
  • A boiling hot bath and a good book
  • Knowing I’m not alone on this path of “what the hell am I doing?!?”
  • Chocolate milkshakes and chocolate brownies and chocolate truffles and … You get the idea.
  • Brainstorming about anything. Absolutely anything! I could come up with ideas ‘til the cows came home. Just don’t ask me to implement.

 Randy – Husband, Handyman, and Official Taste Tester

My Favorite Husband Randy didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he set eyes on me. Little did he know he’d soon be teaching this girl to like Harry Potter and black beans while she slowly got him hooked on nightly dessert.

Ladies and gents, this guy really is the bee’s knees. Never has a nicer man walked the earth. Or at least one who is willing to kill bugs, change diapers, and eat risotto once a week. He will listen when I rant about my newest crazy idea and supports me through all life’s highs and lows. I’m a big fan.

Five Things That Make Him Happy
  • Playing video games on his phone
  • Going above and beyond in the name of eco-friendly practices
  • Leon’s Frozen Custard
  • Watching every single Brewers game that is on TV (sometimes even the reruns)
  • Wrestling with Noah with just one foot

Noah – Mail Boy, Chief Cheerer-Upper, and Floor Cleaner

corgi dog Back in 2005 when I picked this guy up out of the box he was being held in, I should have known we would be best pals as he laid his little head on my shoulder. We have weathered some good and bad storms (and boyfriends!) through the years. This Pembroke Welsh Corgi never, ever lets me cry. He always tries to jump on my lap no matter where I am sitting.

He’s also great to have around when I’m making messes in the kitchen. He also never lets a morsel of food hit the floor.

Oh, and the whole mail boy thing, I suppose it should be Mail Announcer since he makes a big, ole stink every time the postman dare walk on his property. Goofball.

Five Things That Make Him Happy
  • Food of any kind – human, dog, rabbit poop, you name it, he’ll eat it
  • Hinder scratches
  • Playing fetch until his feet bleed
  • Staring out the front door
  • Finding the one piece of shade in our sunny backyard

Eggroll – Cutest Outfit-Wearer, Head Roller-Overer, and All-Around Best Thing Ever

My Current Favorite Baby I am not a baby person, so you could have knocked me over with a feather when I became so head over heels for this little gal right upon her arrival. (Well, maybe not right away, but very shortly thereafter.)

Girlfriend is the best. She’s the kind of baby that makes you think you could handle more than one. She’s going to pay for that someday! The two of us hangout during the day. She sleeps while I write blog posts and eats while I play on the internet. See, I’m teaching her how to multi-task already.

I never really thought I’d be a mommy blogger, but you write about your reality and right now, she occupies about 80% of my brain space. I’ll do my best to talk about other things, but for better or worse, I’m well-versed in diapers and baby poop these days.

Five Things That Make Her Happy
  • Pacifiers
  • The exersaucer
  • Daddy’s smile
  • Noah’s fur
  • Pacifers (that’s not a typo… these things are her FAVORITE!)