Gypsies Are A Thing – A Fascinating Thing

Randy has been gone this whole week, which should mean I’ve been doing a lot of writing, cleaning out some Texas boxes, and generally being productive. Well folks, I’m wearing the same pants I put on yesterday at 2pm. I have gotten a lot done over the last 36 hours, but man, I quickly become a slob without a schedule in Randy’s absence.

One of the fun things I have done is get caught up on My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. Have you guys watched this show? I know I get up on my high horse about reality TV and this is some of the worst, but you guys! It’s fascinating! (And in my defense, I almost threw a dish at the TV every time a Honey Boo Boo commercial came on.) We talk about the poor women in the Middle East, but there are women stuck in the American southeast believing their purpose is to get married at 15, have babies and never do more than take care of the house (i.e. trailer.)

Priscilla from My Big Fat American WeddingThe teenagers aren’t allowed to date. Women can’t go out on their own and they aren’t allowed to even kiss a boy until their wedding day, but they dress like hookers starting with their communion gowns. I watched one episode this week where a girl had a party to find her husband (at 14…she’d already quit school to prep and take care of her parents’ 300 square food trailer.) Her dad purchased two dresses for the occasion. One big floofy one and one “dancing outfit” show here. (Related – her mom said she looked so pure in all the pink and hearts. No. She looked like a hooker. An underage hooker.)

I’m watching one as we speak about a secret clan of Irish Travelers in North Augusta, Georgia. As part of showing off a new baby, they have a jewelry party that shows off all the kids clothes and jewelry (even dude babies.) WTF.

Anyway…if you need a dose of sociology, let me recommend this show (or the soon to premier Gypsy Sisters.) Your mind will be blown! And I haven’t even talked about all the bling. Wear your shades!

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