Here are answers to many of the FAQs we get about Truly, Margaret Mary. If you are still curious about something, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

What do you talk about at Truly, Margaret Mary?

I started a blog when my dad was dying. Boom! How’s that for bringing down the room?? Seriously, I don’t mean to do that (again), but I bring that up to say that you can count on me for sharing life how it is – good, bad, awesome, and ugly. Professional, personal…I consider it all fair game. I sometimes swear. I have been known to get feisty. The emotional posts are some of the hardest, but most beneficial for me to write. I promise I’ll be honest with you, if you promise to be nice (in the comments and if we ever meet) to me.

I want to write about things that make me happy and things that float your boat, too. I want to teach folks through the blog. Teach what kinds of things? Well, I kinda like a bit of everything, so it’s tough to rein it in. I promise there will be yoga instruction and cooking recipes with a few DIY projects just added in for spice.

What do you do besides write this blog?


I am a pilates and yoga instructor, a new mom, and always a wanna-be tree-hugger. I help my friends plan their weddings and my husband decorate our home. I eat chocolate at least twice a day and read exercise blogs a few times a week.

I live to travel and hate the snow. (Oh, and I try not to use the word “hate”. But I really do hate snow.)

I love my hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; particularly in the summer. The third week of May is my favorite of the year.

I take care of the best Corgi dog in the whole wide world.

I’m infamous for planning too much. For thinking too much. For sharing too much. For poor English and proper manners.

I hope to someday be a paid writer outside of my own little universe. A secret assessor for the Preferred Hotel Group. A teacher that gets gigs that require travel to fun places like New York City, Paris, and Des Moines. Anywhere where I get a bed to myself and get to go on a plane ride!

I want to someday have enough money that I can give it away in denominations that would actually do something. I want my friends to always think of me as a person they can count on and the person in front of me in line to be happy when I say hello.

What are my thoughts on your comments?

I reserve the right to remove any comments and nasty, hurtful, rude comments will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form. I love a good debate, but I don’t like meanies. Blame the fact I’m an only child – I still have thin skin!

Can you use my pictures for your own use?

I do not permit the use of my photographs without consent. If you’re really interested in a pic, just shoot me a line. I really like compliments, so that (and proper credits when you use it!) are typically all it will take.

All photography featured on this site is done by Truly, Margaret Mary unless otherwise noted.

In The Interest of Full Disclosure

Truly, Margaret Mary is a lifestyle blog written, maintained and edited by Maggie Joos.

Unless I tell you otherwise, I don’t accept money, goods or trips to warm weather climes to write nice stuff. My opinions are my opinions. (Though I’ve never been known to turn down a trip to Florida… If you think my readers may be interested in hearing more about your product, let’s chat!)

I 100% believe in shopping local and/or with small business, one-(wo)man shops. I will always throw my support this direction vs. towards the big guy.

I do participate in affiliate marketing through select companies and businesses, and also occasionally will partner with a company that I feel represents the high standards of the Truly, Margaret Mary.