Legs of Steel

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to finish a 5k in under 30 minutes. That’s still on my list of things to do, but due to my involvement with the Belladonna bike group and my uncles’ persistence, I’m thinking that my summer goal may involve my bike instead.

I’m on week 4 of the Couch to 5k learn-to-run program. I’ve been on this week for awhile due to traveling and 800 other stupid excuses. I’ve been held up, but am still improving, so I could technically see my first race happening in May. Got any good suggestions for my 2010 inaugural race? Preferably a relaxed one with beer (or chocolate!) at the end. If that works well, there are other races I’d like to consider later on, namely the Storm the Bastille in July and Al’s Run 8k in October.

As for my bike training, I’ve got a few sessions of computraining at Crank Daddy’s under my belt. (Can we talk about this for a second? They hook your bike up to a computer with a bunch of other bikes. As you ride, everyone gets to see your stats. Even better, they display the little greyhound racers across the top of the screen, so if you’re me, you can really see how far behind the racing crazies you are. That’s fun.) I’m going to take part in their time trial for Juvenile Diabetes on March 27. I’ll be racing twice, so I fully expect my legs to give out by that afternoon.

In June, I’ve been invited to both the Trek 100 and the Miller Lite Ride for the Arts. One is with the Bella group, so I know there would be moral support, but the other is along the Milwaukee lake shore and that’s a prettier ride.  I think I’d do the 65 mile distance at either one. Anyone out there planning on doing either ride? Would you be my moral support?

The culmination of this summer’s work could happen at the 2010 DALMAC in Michigan. I tried to get out of my uncle’s invitation by asking Randy and wouldn’t you know, he’s considering it. (Have I told you what an awesome guy he is??)

So there you have it… Some potentially serious training opportunities to get me through the few warm months in Milwaukee. Which one(s) do you think I should do? More importantly, who wants to take bets as to when I give it all up and dedicate the summer to reading books and making ice cream instead?


  1. I’m doing the 75 Miller Lite Ride for the Arts and will totally be your moral support. Also, I’m doing the Brown Deer 5k on April 24. You should make that your goal!

  2. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Meghan. Girl is my new health idol. If you think these goals above are crazy, you should see what she’s done this year. Check out her blog…Meghan is amazing!

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