Grateful For…Lazy Saturdays

This past Saturday found us without anything specific to do. Sure, the house list is still a mile long, but we didn’t have any contractor deadlines to meet or dates with friends to attend. I did have the wedding show on Sunday, so we knew Saturday would be a low-key day (and hopefully, Randy would hit the house to-do list hard while I was gone.) Enter in the laziest of lazy Saturdays.

No Alarms

I woke up around 9 because a neighbor decided it was time to cut the grass. Fair enough. Randy barely stirred and Noah was still downstairs, so I was able to read my book for a half an hour. It was only when I considered that they might run out of churros if we didn’t hit the farmer’s market shortly, did I rouse the men of the house. Even then, we took a good half an hour to do nothing more than change from PJs to clothes that looked less like PJs (but were just as comfortable) and to brush the teeth. (See also: grateful for No Shower Saturdays!)

South Shore Farmers Market

If you need a place to go to remind you that it’s summer in Milwaukee, even if it is 54 degrees in July, South Shore Farmers Market is the place to go. Despite the chilly temperatures, this place was hopping! We were able to people watch, grab some breakfast (the aforementioned churro, a couple of tamales, and a bag of kettle corn… What? It’s Lazy Saturday, not h=Healthy Saturday, people!), and a few things to eat later in the week. The smoothie ladies weren’t there and the crepe line was a mile deep, so we just had to go to Alterra (Collectivo, We Sold Out Coffee Shop, whatever…) afterwards.

Unplanned Shopping Trips

Randy started the day by telling me there was a JCPenny’s at “Southgate”. (We were looking for a Penny’s to find bedroom furniture to match the stuff he bought there in previous years.) So after Alterra, I’m assuming we’re going to the area around St. Lukes. Nope. Turns out he meant Southridge (which for those of you from out of town, almost might as well be Chicago… nowhere close). But OK, I’ve got no where to be. Penny’s was a bust, so we checked out other options in the mall, hit the Best Buy down the street (scored a cheapo microwave that fits our hole. Woo!), and went to another furniture store on that side of town. Moral of the story – I was not prepared to add furniture to our bedroom when I woke up that morning, but as of this Thursday’s delivery time, we will have a full set. Yah, for being a grown-up.


Lunch at Conejito’s is an experience. A fine dining on china and full silverware experience, no, but a gourmet treat none-the-less. And good for a pocketbook that had a hole burned through it earlier in the day. Full lunch and drinks (and decent tip) was $22 for 2. Crazy town.

Long Afternoon Naps

We finally returned home around 3 pm full of Mexican goodness and cheese, so I did what anyone would do. I laid down for a nap.

Then I woke up at 5:30. Oops.

(P.S. It was glorious! Since it was so cold this weekend, I could nap with the window cracked open and a big ole blanket to snuggle. Perfect!)

Being with My Honey

We did manage to get our act together long enough to go back out to get gas in my car and basic groceries for the next couple of days, but that was about it for the rest of the night. We ate more cheese for dinner and watched Argo on my computer. We talked. We snuggled. It was a perfect, perfect day.

The End.

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