A Great September Event for Anyone Who Has Lost A Loved One

Through many twists of fate that is your typical social network, I’ve had the honor to get to know Kelly A., the Director of Development at Horizon Home Care & Hospice. We met last year before mom passed away, but have gotten closer in recent months. With the experience of losing mom behind me, Kelly suggested I participate in a planning committee for an event coming up in September. I’m so happy she did. I think it will be a GREAT way to honor mom, dad, heck even Max, my childhood dog. I’m particularly excited because, while of course there will probably be tears, there will also be lots of reasons to laugh and share stories. It will be a great place for kids and grown-ups alike to realize they aren’t alone and that it is OK to joke again.


This video explains the evening better than I ever could:

This year, the Life Lights event will take place on Friday, September 13th from 5:30 – 10 pm at the Milwaukee County Zoo. For $20 for adults ($10 for children) you will get a fish fry dinner, live music, activities, and a dessert buffet. A cash bar will be available. Additionally, you can participate in a candlelit walk to Lake Evinrude (who knew the lake at the zoo had a name?!) where we will have a short presentation of pictures of those loved ones lost.

Life Lights 2013 Event

I have a lot of local friends who I think could benefit from this event. If you are one of them, please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or just go here to buy your tickets.

See you there!

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