Five Special Moments

This last month has been a blur. I think there were diapers and French toast and a bunch of books on my iPad, but I couldn’t tell you much about any of them. Really, I have slept decently, but when so much responsibility (and laundry!) is forced upon you, you don’t pay much attention to details. Still, five special moments have seared a special place in my memory bank that I wanted to share. Also, I wanted to share some pictures to document the time. Was I really there to take these pictures?? I don’t remember anything!

Pain Medication Schedule
This explains why I don’t remember anything, at least for the first few days. It’s hard to remember when to take your pain meds when you’re on pain meds…

1. Malorie had her one-month doctor’s appointment earlier this week. I don’t know if it was the (very kind, but still…) manhandling of the doctor or the ride in the car, but Eggroll slept for three hours and 30 minutes for her nap that day! That’s pretty awesome in its own right, but what I especially loved was the 45 minutes it took her to wake up. I figured she would be waking up at any moment, so I sat and tried to read. Instead, I wasted the whole time watching her since she kept on stretching and making the cutest little noises. She takes after her mama… When I have a good nap, my body wakes up before my mind.

First Glance at My New Baby
Could she be any more beautiful??

2.¬†Getting up in the middle of the night to change diapers and nurse will never be fun, but it does have its perks. The best one – when I’m burping her afterwards and she’s already fallen asleep. She rests her head on my shoulder and if faced the right way, she breathes her light, little breath right on my neck. I had a similar experience when Noah was a puppy and fell asleep on my chest. What is it about little things breathing?! So sweet!

Aunt Carrie and Malorie
We’ve had great visitors, including Aunt Carrie who knew I would have said “no thanks” if she would have called before showing up at the hospital. I’m so glad she didn’t. :)

3. Early last week we had our first glorious spring day of the year. It was beautiful.. and I stayed inside all day. Wah, wah. But on another day last week, I talked Randy into going for a short walk when he got home from work. It was only a few blocks, but it was so much fun chatting with Randy, giving Noah some exercise, and letting Malorie sleep in her Moby wrap on my belly. That thing was magic – girlfriend was konked out!

I hope we get a lot more walks like this in during the summer, but this one will always be special. It was a perfect way to usher in night after a busy day.

Tummy Time on a Coffee Table
We’ve been working on tummy time as any good parents would. What you don’t see here is that we were doing it on the coffee table. Hey, we were protecting her from all the Noah cooties on the floor. We didn’t totally fail this test!

4. Because I am nursing, I’m always the one who gets up with Malorie first thing in the morning. During the week, it’s not that bad. Her normal getting up time is somewhere right around 7am. That’s pretty ugly on the weekend though, so I’ve taken to giving Randy one morning to sleep and the other morning I bring in the little lady to him once I’m done feeding her so I can brush my teeth in peace.

After a few minutes in the bathroom one recent day, I came back in to the bedroom to find the two of them chatting in bed. Malorie can be so focused on Randy and seems to talk right back! Such a special moment between dad and baby.

Newborn Week 1
Golly, even gas smiles make my heart more full.

5. I went back and forth with getting professional shots done for Malorie’s newborn pictures. In the end, we decided to wait until she has a little more personality and doesn’t look like every other baby. Instead, Randy and I did the pictures ourselves. They are nowhere close to professional, but it was fun doing them! Randy served as the soft backdrop by laying on the floor with a blanket over him. This kept Eggroll calm and the pictures turned out great. It was so much fun doing these pictures. What a great memory to treasure!

Grandma and new baby
Memaw and Malorie’s cousin Costello had fun chatting up the little lady on their first visit.

I know I will have a million more memories with Miss Malorie. I can’t wait to experience them all!

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