Grateful for Things Besides Food

I’ve been a little food-centric this week on the blog and well, everywhere in my life, so today brings a bonus post where I bring back the “Grateful For” series to find things that don’t relate to food, babies, blogging, or zumba class that still make my tail wag.

Let’s broaden our horizons, shall we?

Grateful for things besides food

1. From the Earth to the Moon Mini-Series

Late in the summer when we had nothing left in the DVR cue, Randy suggested we watch this HBO series that follows the process from JFK’s infamous speech* to getting a man on the moon, and then some. I went into this because we didn’t have any other options, but left fasinated. I even read The Astronaut Wives Club and can’t wait for the show.

Related – When we finished this show, I turned to Randy and said that I think the only thing left to be done that could be as amazing as having someone land on the moon, create a motion picture, or make sound travel through a telephone would be if life (real life, not some one-celled ameoba) was found on another planet. He disagreed and said landing on Mars would be big. Sure, it would be big, but not “I remember the day that…”. Case in point – how long did you pause to listen to yesterday’s story on the landing on the comet? I read a couple of articles, but by Saturday I will have forgotten all about it.

Related, Part B – I have decided Tim Daly tops my 2014 list of attractive actors. Gross, Part B – he’s only 8 years younger than my parents.

* “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things…” Is anyone else bothered by this sentence? What else possibly qualifies as “other things” that belong in the same sentence as going to the moon??

2. Knee-High Socks from Target

Now that I have fully embraced that leggings can be pants, I need socks to separate black pant from black knee-high boot. Enter Target’s over-the-knee socks. Cute. Warm. Cheap. Done.

Jake Peralta and a Corgi3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I don’t have a water cooler to go to anymore, so maybe y’all are talking about Brooklyn Nine-Nine without me, but on social media you are super quiet. And you shouldn’t be. This show gets better every episode I watch. Laugh out loud funny. Every actor is a little bit better than the last one.



4. Burlington Coat Factory

This place was literally a zoo last Saturday afternoon (rabid children and pokey sloths of parents in every corner), but we got two winter coats, two pairs of boots, a belt and leg warmers (yep!) for $120. A week later and nothing has burst into flames or disinegrated, so I consider this a win!

5.Kindle First Free Books

The library is great for all the free books I can handle, but every now and then I don’t even want to leave the house. Or have to search for something interesting. Enter Kindle First books for Amazon Prime members. Every month, they send us four books to pick from to read on my iPad. This month I picked Ticker. It doesn’t look like something I would normally pick, but hey, that’s the point, right?

What’s making you happy this Friday morning?

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