How Courage and Clean Eating Found Me A Job

On this day in 2011, I had my last day of work at my corporate job. I left after six short months because I had big dreams on being an entrepreneur (and I was so, so, so bored since they never gave me any work to do.) That evening Randy and I went out to celebrate with friends. We had a few cocktails and flailed about to the Love Monkeys. It was a good night and marked the start of a very interesting three years.

A lot has changed in those three years. 95% of the changes came from personal matters, including, but not limited to the fact that I can’t find a babysitter to let me go flail to the Love Monkeys tonight. Unfortunately, Mark the Occasion Designs never became the multi-million (or even multiple thousand) dollar company I had hoped for. Instead, I realized I like creating the ideas and marketing them. Implementing the actual work of the flowers was not my strong suit. And really, my passion is food, not art.

Which brings us to this summer, when I was putting a lot more attention here on the blog and trying to eat clean to lose the last of the baby weight. At this point, the heavens parted and I found Angelic Bakehouse. I stumbled into their bread at my local grocery store and nearly cleared out their display when I saw it was all clean. No GMOs, chemicals, sugars (beyond locally-sourced honey), or other bad stuff. They use sprouted grain instead of wheat flour, so its even easier on the belly than the other healthy bread. Bonus – it really tastes good!!First Day of Work French Toast

Angelic is owned by a couple whom I contacted at that point to do a sponsorship here on the blog. That conversation turned into a “how can I work for you” discussion and LONG story short, here we are. A few weeks back, I posted the whine about the delay, thinking I wasn’t getting the job. Turns out I just wasn’t patient enough. (Who knew?!)

My friend, Bob, wants me to insert a lesson on patience here. Showing that if you take a deep breath and let things settle, it may pay off in the end. I totally agree, but that’s just not my style. This only child wants everything right now! So yes, patience is a good thing, but if you want someone to expound on that, you’ll have to go elsewhere.

I proposed to my new bosses what would pretty much be my dream job. Let me do your social media, event details, and create recipes using your products. They responded with a “that sounds great, but let’s add on the potential for a ghost-written cookbook sometime in the future”. What?! They were going to pay me AND have me work mostly from home, so Eggroll only needs daycare two days a week. AND I not only don’t have to wear nylons, as long as I have closed toed shoes, I can pretty much wear whatever I want!


My New Workspace

Three days in and I’m reminded work is work. It is not perfect. There are some chinks in the armor of this dream job that I can spot already.

But oh my lamb, does it feel good to be back. To be useful and creative. To have hitched my star to a skyrocketing company. I’ve got a lot to learn, but this is going to be my second best challenge coming out of 2014. (Motherhood being #1, of course.)

While I transition from happy dance to actually getting down to work, may I suggest you like Angelic on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and/or Twitter. You can look for it in your local store by checking out this map. If it doesn’t look like we are in your neighborhood yet, 1. you can order online (20% off this weekend!), 2. wait for a big announcement for a big box store right after the holidays or 3. tell me where you shop and we can use that as ammo to approach your grocer.

In case you can’t tell, I am as happy as a pig in $hit. How did I get a job doing creative for a food company?

That’s right, I asked for it. The last time I did this, I became the first intern working on the Harley-Davidson Museum project. Thank you dad for giving me the courage to ask and one of my favorite bosses and mentors, Linda, for teaching me “the worst they can say is no.”

Go get ’em, Tigers! You never know what you’ll get. (And in the meantime, go get bread! I promise you’ll love it!!!)


  1. Mary E Warner/Felder

    Glad to have you as a Warner-related blood cousin. Thanks for FB friending me. I’m going to introduce you to over 300 true cousins. But do you want the news feed to come in through your blog, or do you want to friend me through the regular news feed channel? I started my own typesetting and graphic design company back in the day [before home computers (imagine that!)] and loved being my own boss. Other stuff to share with you, but will await your decision about finding the info on your blog or on your regular FB account. 🙂

  2. Congrats, Maggie! So excited for you and your new opportunity. Yay you!

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