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It’s Like The Opposite of Going Out With A Bang

So we had discussed calling this week’s episode (You know I live in a sitcom, right? How else can you explain all these weird plot twists and the great soundtrack?) “Fireworks”, but I think I’d go back to Editing and rename it “Sparklers”. Let me explain… You know how you […]

Give Me A Buzz If You Getta Chance…

Back story 1: Mom had told me she was going to Sprint yesterday to turn in her phone and have it exchanged for dad’s. Back story 2: I have both cell phone numbers and their home number listed as “ice Mom and Dad” So I wake up at 6:30 and […]

What is Love? Baby, Don’t Hurt Me

This week’s drama? Love or lack there of. Currently, I have friends on either end of the relationship drama scale. For some reason I’ve been giving them advice, which makes me laugh once I’m done. (I’ll be the first to admit that maybe it wasn’t asked for…) Me? The girl […]

Well Rounded

I titled this post as I did for two reasons. 1. The details of this post are making me more round. 2. As I write about all these girly recipes, I am watching the College World Series. Go Longhorns! Everyone kept on asking how I was doing this weekend and […]

I Think I’m Alone Now

I risk making you think I’m manic depressive by following the last post with this one, but you know what…my blog, my rules. (Or maybe that’s just the Crazy talking.) This weekend was good, but Monday called out another round of I Miss My Best Friend. Have you done this […]