Shout Out: Valvoline Instant Oil Change on Hwy. 100 and North Ave.

I’ve had a perfectly craptastic day which included an economics final and funeral planning, so I don’t have it in me to write something witty and insightful.

Let me just tell y’all in the Milwaukee area (or those traveling here soon…this is right by your hotels) that the Valvoline Instant Oil Change on Hwy. 100, just south of North Avenue gets two thumbs up from me. The first time I went there, I laid down the law that I will not buy an air filter when my current one is whiter than my teeth, and 5 years later, they haven’t tried to oversell me on anything since.

This weekend I got a fuel filter change (and a bunch of other stuff) and now my car is purring. Add in an oil change and it is still cheaper than what the ‘real’ mechanic said it would be. David is the manager. Tell him I sent you…

Tomorrow starts a full weekend of food-related fun. Stay tuned!

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