Wedding Cakes 2.0

You guys, my Wedding Cake pinterest board has been ON FIRE recently. I can not get over how many artistic, personal, stylish, and gorgeous cakes there are out there!! We have already established that the cake at my wedding was my one disappointment. Compared to these pieces of art, it was darn near embarrassing!

Check out the full pinterest board, but here are a few pictures to whet your appetite.

Unique Wedding Cake Ideas
Photo credit to:
1. Wedding Chicks , 2. Ruffled Blog , 3. Wedding Path , 4. Pretty Little Things , 5. Just Love Cooking Blog, 6. Inspired Design

I’m happy to see the vintage jewelry (#4) and that paper (#2) has infused into the cake part of planning, too. The pile of donuts still looks formal with a cascade of fabric flowers. (Dust off the powered sugar and you’d now have beautiful pins for all the ladies in your life!)

If you are planning any kind of party that includes cake, please pledge to me that you’ll request something beyond simple rosettes. These are too great to ignore.

*Featured photo credit to June Bug Weddings.

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