Solving Seperation Issues with Peanut Butter

When purchasing pregnant lady pants this last winter, I was suckered into a subscription of Parents magazine. (Sidenote: the gift with purchase was a cupcake cookbook. Because we all know the #1 thing a new mom with a baby, a husband, and a house to keep fed and clean has time to do is make intricately decorated dessert products?!?) I knock it because I don’t want to be that lady, but in fact, I have learned a lot through this subscription. (See also: I am old.)

For the most part, I’ve learned schedules and little games I should be playing with Eggroll, but this little nugget has saved me and my countertops from so much sticky angst.


To keep your all-natural peanut butter from separating, store it upside down.


All of the oil wants to get to the top, which is really the bottom, so you’ll find everything a bit more mixed upon your initial opening. If it is still gloopy, my next suggestion is to store it immediately in the fridge when you bring it home. True, it’s not necessary until after opening, but the cold temperatures keep everything a bit more on the solid side.

I put a dollop of peanut butter in my smoothie every morning. A greasy mess is not a great way to start the day, so this really improved my outlook on life (or at least mornings.) I hope it does the same for you!

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  1. Ditto to the…. WHOA! Thanks for that bit if info!

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